Friday, December 20, 2013

What would Yvonne Do?

WWYD?  What would Yvonne do?

Today I got a thought provoking email from a reader.  She has a child involved in a homosexual relationship, she loves her adult child and yet she also believes God's word....she wanted to know what we would do if were in that situation....

My answer is we would LOVE our child with our whole heart.  Children will make decisions that parents don't agree with in their lives.  We would treat our child with respect but we would also firmly hold to God's word.  Since I don't think homosexuality is worse than any other sin, I'd do the same thing I would if it were anything else that I felt went against God's word.  If one of the kids were living with a member of the opposite sex without being married, or if  they were living a promiscuous lifestyle being with one partner after another.... I would still love them but I'd tell them what they were doing was a sin and NOT good for them. 

I believe God knows what is best for us that is why in His Word he gives us guidelines on how to live our lives sexually and in all other ways.  So we are talking about SEXUAL sins here but SIN IS SIN...the bible talks about other things as being sin also.   Many other things...... not just sexual sins but obviously sexual sins must be the most interesting ones to GQ magazine since they wanted clarification on that !    REMEMBER Phil Robertson did NOT bring this up, he was ASKED what his views were......

So if you are wondering, I have friends who are practicing homosexuals, and some who struggle with that sin but who do not give in to it.  I have some friends who live together without being married and a few that are in a promiscuous lifestyle.  I can love them, be friends with them and IF the conversation goes that way, I share what the bible says NOT what Yvonne says....  people know if you love them.  I can love someone regardless of where they are spiritually.   I don't sugar coat what I feel is truth but I also don't beat anyone over the head with the Bible!

I'm NOT perfect and I have done some things that the Bible tells us NOT to do.....the difference???   When I was doing those things I did NOT try to justify that I was OK with God!   And no I am NOT going to tell you what I'm talking about LOL!   But I can promise you I knew I was in sin!   I have some people confront me about some things I was doing at one time in my life and I don't like that they confronted me because I felt like they were judging whether or not to still be my friend.  I felt like they didn't love me because I was doing things against what the Bible teaches.....  I knew I was in sin but didn't really care at the time.  BUT what I remember from their conversations were that the other people just wanted to "fix me" not love me.   And I don't want to do that to anyone else.  I don't want a family member or a friend to feel like they don't measure up enough to be my friend or to be loved by me just because of what they are doing. 

So I determined I would love people NO MATTER what they were doing in their lives.   That doesn't mean that what they are doing is right, but I still love them.  And I LIKE them and I'm still friends with them.  I have a good friend who is in a relationship that is sinful, and I tell this friend that occasionally when we get into that type of discussion BUT our friendship is our friendship and it's not based on what this person does or doesn't do.....   This friend knows where I stand on the situation and that I base my opinion on God's word that doesn't change. 

In practical ways, if one of my kids were in a homosexual or sinful heterosexual relationship, I'd love them, I'd have them in our home BUT they wouldn't be sharing a bedroom in my house!   I would not support their relationship in any way  financially.  But I'd still love them.  They would know I was not "picking on them"  They know me and what I believe so they wouldn't be surprised if I didn't throw them a "coming out party" or if I refrained from going to one.....  We wouldn't beat them over the head with a bible and I'd probably cry about it, a lot.....but I'd love them with everything in me!  And I'd pray that God would change their hearts.

The one reason that people  who believe God's word is THE truth fight against homosexuality and the agenda of the homosexuals, is that the homosexuals are trying to  REDEFINE  marriage and change society.  Down through history marriage has been between a man and a woman, in all societies, in all walks of life.  Certainly the bible supports traditional marriage and almost every culture has also.   So it is one thing to accept a friend who is doing things contrary to God's word.  It is another thing to just let society be changed.  I will always vote, sign petitions and support traditional marriage BUT just because I'm not for same sex marriage or the redefinition of marriage doesn't mean I hate anyone!  And I think I speak for most Christians when I say this!

So if you read this and you think I hate people because of what they do "in the bedroom" you are WRONG!   Frankly I don't want to know what you do in the bedroom or anywhere else whether you are married or not!  LOL  I see WAY too much stuff on FB between married folks sometimes!  I don't want to know.....TMI!  

BUT if you ask me what do I believe....I will tell you.  And sometimes I might tell you if you don't ask me.... 

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  1. Expect to get people upset at your comments, but I agree with you! On another note...have you heard about Ambien and people waking up from coma/minimally conscious states? Do a Google search if you haven't heard of it. Also, Steve looks good!