Saturday, January 4, 2014

A quiet easy day!

A nice peaceful uneventful day:)

Thanks for the sweet comments, sometimes I'm almost afraid to look at what folks comment back LOL!  thanks for the encouragement!

My bro in law and niece have spent the weekend with us.  the kids love having them here with us.  Last night (after getting everyone quiet) I laid down with all my kids safe and sound and extra folks here along with our outside dog INSIDE since it was so cold....and I felt very contented and safe.   What a blessing.  I don't take anything for granted.  Life is so uncertain and fragile. 

We went walking today FINALLY!  I'm determined to walk daily and get back to my exercise plan!  We went to my cardiac walking trail and it has been redone, a new asphalt walkway!  YEAH for no more potholes, especially when I walk without my glasses on!!!!!!!   I only did 2.5 miles today but it is a workout, not flat, it has hills built in to the path. 

I have to say thanks to our local Walmart, we had bought a new tv back last spring.  It went out on us and the company, Element, said we had to send it back for it to be replaced.  to send it back was $140!  So Walmart, refunded us the money and we bought a BIGGER TV and this time a Samsung!  I really didn't even complain much to Walmart about the whole thing, they were just really gracious to me about the situation.  I didn't expect them to allow me to return it!!!!  I was really blown away by the assistant manager and how kind she was and so helpful!   Of course they see me in there just about every day LOL.

So Florida has decided to join the rest of the country and welcome Winter!  We even had the heat on last night and I can't stand heat!  This next week is going to be really cold for us wimpy Floridians!  It's kinda fun for us, it's a change.  I have BOOTS to wear with a sweater dress tomorrow and I'm excited:)  I found them on 70% clearance and they were JUST the pair I was looking for.  I love when that happens!  I may get to wear them a few times this next week or so, then they'll be put back in the back of the closet till next year!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Stay warm!

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