Monday, January 27, 2014


Often it is hard to "come up" with a blog post almost daily, but today I've been thinking about adoption, one of my favorite subjects. 

People adopt for various motives.  In the adoption world I've seen it all and it's not always been good.  I see people who adopt and it seems almost like a Lay's potato chip commercial "You can't eat just one"  or you "can't adopt just one"  I've read attitudes of adoptive moms that were really strange.  they didn't seem like mommas to the kids, more like they were nicer caretakers.  (a friend came up with that term and it fits!)   I've read of moms who were so stressed by adoption and unhappy.  Some adopt because they can't have biological children.  Some adopt because it is now the new cool Christian thing to do. 

There are some amazing families out there  the Rosenow family just blows me away  not because they have so many kids but that those kids have such love from their parents.  I love their heart, I've "known" them for over 8 years, they had Shad on their website The Shepherd's Crook and I see their REAL heart for God and for following Him and it encourages me.

We have some friends who we went to church with years ago who have adopted aging out teens....we used to have time to visit them more and I LOVED the spirit in their home.  16 different kids from different countries, orphanages and backgrounds and there was a sweet peace in their home. 

For us,  we adopted Shad because we overwhelming felt God was leading us to do so.  The girls it was the same way, we were NOT looking to adopt or even thinking about it at all until we saw their faces....then it was all over:)

For us, we do feel like we rescued them   That is a huge feeling for us but we didn't adopt to get that feeling if you follow me.  Some adoption blogs will sternly say "do not adopt to rescue a child"  well....  I don't quite agree with that statement. 

To me I feel like they were our children, just somehow NOT with us and we had to go rescue or get them to bring them home.  I can truly say they are no different than my biological kids.  They are as much of a Clanton as anyone else is in our family.   They are not a job to me or a "ministry"  they are my kids.  I'm their mom....that's the bottom line. 

Just like God "adopted" us into His family, He rescued us....  To me adoption is such a picture of God's redemption.  How can you not feel you are rescuing a child when you walk out of those orphanage doors?  NOW that is a rush:)  

So when I sit with my daughter Sarah on my lap (which is where she wants to be all the time) and watch tv and see footage of the fighting in Ukraine (that I strongly support)  I can't help but feel like we rescued Sarah and Selah from all of that.  Not just from the institution, which was beyond bleak but from the instability of the country at this time.  I'm so thankful they are here, a world away from all of that.  The orphans already have a very hard time in Ukraine, it will probably get harder for them during this time .  I'm glad my girls don't have to go through that and I pray for the children left behind.  The vulnerable always suffer the most! 

I worry about the orphans in Ukraine as I try and get news daily from there.  Adoptions are still going on but who knows for how much longer? Each family has to go to the SDA/DAP in Kiev to get their referrals and it is right near where the main government buildings are located. The staff in the SDA/DAP aren't the easiest to work with anyhow so it's not like they are going to be pushing to stay open unless they are made to do so. And now with the unrest spreading, it will be harder and harder to get court dates. 
I support the protests but I'm afraid that whoever comes out on top, it will delay or maybe even stop international adoptions there altogether.   I fear the days of adoption in Ukraine maybe winding down....I REALLY REALLY hope I am totally wrong but that is my fear. 

So I ask you to pray for God's will to be done in Ukraine and that the people will one day be free of  the past and that in that freedom, there will come a compassion for the "least of these".........

***  I am still raising money for the girl we sponsor in Ukraine.  And for a boy from China.  Despite me saying little about it as we are trying to get links put up for them, we are still getting contributions!  thanks!  I'm pretty sure each have close to $1000 now!   Hopefully she will be put up soon on Grace haven's site and the young man we are still trying to help get his paperwork correct and to an agency.  Several folks are helping with that!  Please pray we can get both of them up on a site and raise their ransom and that a family will come for them. 


I had a doctor's appointment today and another scan.  The doctor was "different" at first I didn't like her, but after talking for awhile I think she was good.  She did her own scan and almost severed my windpipe LOL   She certainly made sure she saw everything in there!   She told me my thyroid was "interesting and misshappened"   She said it will be very hard to do a biopsy but she thinks I should have one done (very hard probably means very painful)   She feels like it is probably not cancer and may not have grown, because it is really hard to scan it.  But she still feels it has some possibility  of it being cancer but is not overly concerned.   So I can't get the biopsy until March...  I'm more relieved than before even tho I'm still in limbo world here. 

Thursday I have an upper GI and a bladder scan for two different issues....I am very nervous about both of them!  Prayers are appreciated!  I can not believe I am doing both the same day!!!


After all of that....  I have a funny story to tell!

Sam and Sarah have "co-existed" now for almost 2 years....the "co-existing" is starting to go out the window.  We have much sibling rivalry.  It is adorable to us.  It started when the therapist and teachers started coming in.  Sam would get upset when Sarah would have someone working with her IF he didn't have someone working with him.  But the fighting has escalated from there!

Then they would both climb up in the big chair with me or Jon at night and that was so cute to be stuck holding each of them and making sure no one got pinched or kicked.

Then last night, Sarah only likes a hand held vibrating toy.  We have many toys but that is the one she likes.  Well Sam was sitting in Jon's lap and Sarah was on the floor with her toy.  Sam hopped down, grabbed the toy and hopped up.  She turned around and crawled to Jon crying and hitting his leg for attention.  Jon got the toy back and gave it to her and she calmed right down.  This happened about 4 times and while we don't want her upset....  It shows she knew to go to Daddy to get him to "fix it" for her!!!!   That is HUGE!  We love it!  It's a real development step for her.

Earlier Jon had asked Sarah "Sarah want to come sit with daddy on the big blue couch" and before she could crawl over, Sam came running from his rom to sit down with daddy.  It is really cute to see the two of them try and get our attention!  

I call them my twins, they look so much alike and they are now about the same size since Sarah has more than caught up.  She is a big girl for a child with Peter's anomaly despite her years of malnourishment she is not that tiny.  She still wears mainly a size 5 although I'm not buying anything less than a size 6 for her.  She's 7 yrs old now.  Sam will be10 in a couple of weeks and he is just now wearing a size 5 and it is usually a bit too big on him. 

Selah is back to her normal self, some days she is just a little "off" and it is worrisome to me!  I love days when she is doing things like we are used to.   She did wonderful in PT this morning and was as "loose as a goose"  I like when she doesn't tighten up. 

Thanks for all your prayers for our family.  We really appreciate them

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  1. Praying all your tests and scans turn out well!

    Adoptions shutting down in Ukraine is one of my biggest fears too! I would love to support H.Res. 447 (that number is from memory so don't quote me) - sanctions against top gov't leaders - but it seems like the exact same path we walked down with Russia. The US needs to do SOMETHING though! The human rights violations are horrendous! Praying for peace for the nation we both love.