Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby it's cold outside

It's in the 40's with rain outside.  An unusual day for Florida.  There is snow in the Panhandle and most of the northern counties have closed school for the day!  We usually only close school for hurricanes LOL  that is what we are used to not snow and ice!  I'm doing a quick blog and drinking hot chocolate.  I actually love bad weather LOL I'm such a weirdo but it makes everything so cozy.

Shad got his report card, all A's.  he is only in 4th grade but is finished with all the 4th grade work and is in 5th grade work in all his classes.  If he keeps going like this (his teacher is requiring him to make a 93 or above in each test to continue at this rate) he will be in 6th grade work before the end of the year.  I'm very happy with his progress.  I'd love to see him finish high school early and start college early.  I told Steve he'd better hurry up and get through college or Shad will be right there with him!  LOL

Well tomorrow is the big day for the scope down my throat and the bladder scan.  I'm so a wimp about medical things.   So I'm getting all these phone calls about the three medical procedures I'm having in the next couple of days. The people aren't concerned, they all say everything is "minor"'s like our nurse says "everything happening to You is minor....everything happening to me is MAJOR!!!!" LOL Tomorrow I have the Upper GI scope and the bladder scan... Monday I have the bladder scope....I need some prayers:) I get very uptight about stuff like this! I hate being put under but I'm too much a wimp to stay awake for this junk (except for the scan) and I'm so scared of getting bad news! 

Well not much on the agenda here but to curl up with a good book and some hot tea or chocolate  I need to get motivated to do paperwork and finish my closet but it is just not going to happen today!


  1. Prayers for you! Nothing is ever minor when it has the words, scan, scope, insert, anesthesia, inject, poke, prod, etc etc!!! Not for me anyway! I so agree with you! Trusting though that God's got you on this....he certainly knows that this concerns you and that makes it important to him. Asking for his protection and his provision in all of this! And NO BAD NEWS!!! Amen and Amen!!!

  2. Have been praying for you, friend. And just a little vent here...why do people say "Sending prayers *your* way!" NOT send prayers my way, it won't accomplish a single thing! I understand what they are saying but they obviously don't understand the concept of prayer! There. The end.

  3. Praying for your scope tomorrow! I am thankful for our Seattle weather, never have to shovel the rain. Stay warm!