Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Great day, one of my closest friends and her family are moving to our area and I got a chance to meet her for lunch today and hang out for awhile.  I could just pinch myself I'm so excited for her to be get moved here!!!!!!!  Good times ahead!  It's amazing to me that we will have time together again, we've known each other for many years and even lived together at one point:)  Then we married and moved all over the place....but now we'll be back together:)  Watch out Florida!

I got all my bloodwork done today, can't wait to hear my cholesterol scores.  I've not been exercising like I used to so I have a feeling that will be over the limit! 

Last night I read a book about reorganizing your closest and dressing chic.  Ok I admit to loving stuff like that.  So today when I got home I made myself go thru parts of my closet again.  It's awful how we all wear about 20% of our clothes.  There are STILL things in my closet that I've not worn in years and I'm a purger!  I will admit there are two shirts I've bought in the past year that I have never worn.  They looked great in the store but once home.....NO!  And I am absolutely terrible at keeping receipts so I can't take them back.  I also bought a "dickey"  that is a fake turtle neck.  I had always wanted one LOL  it didn't work with the shirt I was buying for it to go under.  I tried to exchange it but with no receipt the store would only give me 75 cents....so it goes in the bag.  Oh well I FINALLY got one and found out I didn't want it!

Isn't that how life is, sometimes you long for something but once you get it, you find it it's not what you wanted in the first place.

I think of that in relation to marriage/divorce....  I see folks who are married who long for their freedom, once they get that freedom, they long then for the commitment of marriage.  It's sad....  I was like that at one point, I thought I could really be happy if I were single again.  Thank God, I had too much restraint in my life to follow through on that thought. 

There is even a scripture where Paul tells you if you are single, stay single, if married stayed married...if I weren't so tired from trying on clothes, I 'd look it up!!!    But it is in there!

Anyhow tomorrow I plan on finishing up in there.  Once my closest is organized and I only have clothes in there that I like and that fit me right....I will be CHIC!   Ok you can quit laughing now!


I've had several people ask for an update on Baby Sabrina.  She is home and doing good day to day.  However she is having tests run, there are concerns about a genetic disorder that is very serious.  The doctors have also said she is deaf in one ear.  Please pray for this sweet little one and her family.

Also the Burman family is still in Ukraine, there have been a lot of twists and turns in their adoption that I will share once they get home but they have court coming up soon so pray that all goes well.  She has been there now since early December.....it's the end of January....the country is in chaos.....
Actually you can get an update here http://gracehavenhome.com/families/burman-family/ and you can give through them too.  They only need about $4000 to be fully funded now!

Thank you all for all your prayers for me and my family.  It really encourages me to get emails and comments from you all!!!!!!

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