Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Today one of my very closest friends came to visit.  We were room mates in college together.  To say we had a wonderful time together is putting it mildly:)   We encouraged each other, laughed and got caught up.  Hopefully we will soon see more of each other.....:)

So I had this incredibly wonderful day and then I got on FB and saw that another one of our college friends' Christy had just had an terrible tragedy.  Her husband Steve passed away suddenly just a few hours ago while at a job site.  Steve & Christy went to college with us and have 5 kids.  Christy has been such an encouragement to me from the beginning of the girls' adoption through the accident and through all the changes life has given us.   My heart is broken for this family, completely broken for them.  Please pray for this dear family, pray that God will give the comfort ONLY He can give.  I know God can bring peace, He did for us....

My friend's last FB post a few hours before anything happened was this  'The storms of life rage BUT there can be peace and joy in the midst of it all. Talk to Jesus today for He is the Peace Speaker. '   Who knows but that God was preparing her heart?  I don't think God caused Steve's death but the bible tells us that it is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgment.  We are like a flower, here today, gone tomorrow.....but God is eternal.

Steve knew God, we know he is with God now.  The bible says "to be absent with the body is to be present with the Lord" 

When I first heard this news, my heart literally felt like it dropped to my feet.  I began praying for my friend and her family.  Although they are all believers, death is still hard.  They don't want to be separated from their husband/father/brother/son......   but in a few minutes I began to think "Steve is with Jesus right now"  What an amazing thought that he is experiencing heaven.....

Steve didn't know when he woke up this morning, that this would be his last day on earth.  We do not know the future, all we know is "our times are in His hands".  But Steve was ready, he was prepared.

You can also have the same assurance.  I don't "preach" much on here but I have to share my heart and my heart now is thinking about eternity. 

"Life is short, eternity is long"

So I encourage you to get your heart right with God.  Ask Him to forgive your sins and then walk with Him.  One day will be my last day and one day will be your last day......we all have an eternal appointment.  Be ready for that day. 


  1. Praying for Christy and her family....this is a beautiful sharing of your heart Yvonne and a reminder to us of just how precious (and fleeting) life is. We do need to be ready. (((HUGS)))

  2. Praying for your friend. It is a mixed blessing to be rejoicing for him, but sad for those left behind. We only see dimly now and some day we will see it all clearly. Praying for peace for all of you. I lost a close friend of 25 years suddenly one month ago. I still get caught by surprise at all the little things that make me miss her. I don't hesitate to share them with her husband and three kids left behind, they like to know others miss her too, not just them. We like sharing the happy memories too and laughing. This is my first loss of someone my age and I must admit I still don't know how to handle it at times. :). Trusting that God is good all the time, and reminding myself that this is the short life and we will ALL die of something keeps me focused on what is important here and now.

  3. Praying for your friend, and all those touched by the passing of her husband Steve.