Thursday, January 16, 2014

Good news/Bad news

Well the good news first....the cyst is gone off my ovary.  It probably comes and goes with my cycle and is nothing to worry about:)

Bad news, got the radiology report and it's recommended that I have some follow up exams to exclude malignancy as one of the nodules/cysts is larger than 1cm and has irregular lobulated margins and looks solid.... I looked it up on line.  I'll be calling tomorrow to try and get in quicker as I was given a date for mid February!  I'm a little bit freaked out......

Tomorrow we go to SEU with our son for the day!  We have a baby sitter for the little ones and Shad is staying home to help out.  If you think I'm bad for letting him stay home, just let me tell you something.  Shad started this year in 4th grade work and is now in 5th grade work in all areas!  He did a year worth of school work in less than a half of school year!  Yeah Shad!   He is highly motivated and likes learning!

Selah has had an excellent day today! 

Well I'm off to get ready for tomorrow and to stop reading things on the internet!!!!!!


  1. Yes, STOP reading things! :P I had a visit with an oncologist last year for some abnormalities and thankfully things are fine, but for a person like me who is very difficult to 'freak out', THAT was pretty close! Will be praying for the Lord to direct your thoughts, even while sleeping. Praying that He'll bring to naught every vain imagination. That sounds kind of King James-ish, but sometimes the imagination does indeed just...go wild, and not in good ways! Thank you for letting us pray for you...

  2. Stuff on the internet always scares people have out of their
    minds....Seek the Lord and rest in Him.....
    Enjoy your evening....
    Love from NC

  3. Praying for peace for you as you have more tests done, and for great test results! Have fun at SEU!!! :-)

  4. It's late afternoon here, and I wanted to say that I hope you guys had a great trip together at SEU! I'm so excited for Steve and the new adventure he's embarking on. I'm praying that your appointment comes quickly, and provides you with only good news. I know how awful that wait can be, when all you can do is worry! Stop reading the internet! It truly only makes mountains out of mole hills. God has you covered. You've got this!!