Saturday, January 18, 2014

Keep Trusting!

Quiet day for us here.  Jon did a funeral for a former inmate's mom and Shad went with him.  When they were leaving I was talking to Shad and reminding him to stay right with his dad and behave.  I thanked him for wanting to go to the funeral and asked him why he thought it was important to go.  He said  "so they can see how good I am"  AFTER I finished laughing....I told him the importance of going to a funeral was to show support for the person's family.  He came home and told me all about it.  Jon said that Shad solemnly shook hands with everyone:)   Who knows if Shad doesn't become a preacher:)

My friend Christy laid her husband to rest today.  My mind was on her all day and I prayed for her throughout the day.  I want to share her FB  post

Though my heart is broken, I look toward the future with hope. Hope in Savior who hears me when I cry. Hope in the Christ who forgives all my sin. Hope in life eternal. And, hope in hearing the voice of my Steve as he yells my name when I near the end of my race on earth and cross that finish line into pearly gates of Heaven and walk on the streets of gold as together, we proclaim the only name that matters.....JESUS!

What an incredible faith filled post!   That post encourages me more than anything I've read lately!  Here she is facing a day in which she is to bury her husband, the father of her 5 children and yet she can write this......  she has had to walk through fire this week but yet she is holding onto to Jesus.  She has chosen (and believe me it is a choice) not to charge God foolishly but rather to hold onto Him tightly.  We will all face something like this in our life.  We have the choice to hold to God through it or to lash out at God bitterly....  I've done both and I've learned there is nothing like the Everlasting Arms of our Savior wrapping around you at the moment you think you can't even breath any longer....

God is a good good God, life can be and will be hard at times but God is still good.  I've tested Him and found it is true.  He's a God you can trust even when your heart is breaking!  I know He is and so does about you?  Learn to trust God with your life.  It's not always the easiest thing but nothing in this world is like the peace of God.

Christy sung at the funeral (she and Steve have always been musical)  I saw the ending of her song, I hope someone posts the whole song.  That was amazing to me!  I'm so proud to have a friend who is clinging so close to the Lord at a time like this in her life!   She encourages me to hold onto God tighter and to not give up.....  I'm not really talking about not giving up about a miracle for Selah.  I'm talking about not giving up my faith because we haven't had a miracle.  She didn't get the miracle I'm sure they prayed for BUT she is still trusting God.  She hasn't left God, she hasn't turned her back on Him just because He didn't hear her cry and restore her husband....she is looking forward to THAT day when all will be made right...all will be restored.  That kind of faith, encourages my faith and I hope yours too!

some pictures......

Little sisters:)  these kittens are so sweet & good.  We are enjoying having them!

some more love....Sam and daddy!

Baby it's cold outside but Shad was pushing Sarah who was loving it!
this picture was taken last night.  I bet they'll all be snuggled up together soon.  Brownie is such a sweet dog, she loves her cat friends.  there are a couple she sleeps with outside.  the little babies didn't know what to think of her at first but they are seeing she ignores them but she loves to snuggle so I bet I'll walk back there and see them sleeping together.
some of you may have seen the CNN article above, it mentions Selah!  she obviously did not improve as much as some of the patients who had had a traumatic brain injury to a specific part of the brain BUT she has a marked improvement from day 1 on the fish oil. ( TMIs that do not include the WHOLE brain are much easier to recover from  Selah had a whole brain injury)    she is still on it now over a year later.  Some of her doctors feel it has contributed to her good muscle/skeleton tone.  As well as neurologically helping her.  I love when I'm told OVER & OVER again that she is so much better than anyone would expect from a child who was without a heart beat for 45 minutes.  I LOVE going to a new doctor who has her record....and then they see her and are shocked at how good is doing.   I know she still has a long long way to go but compared to how most people in her situation would be....she is far far far from that!  Thank God and I'm thankful for Dr Sears and his research.   We and everyone involved in her care feel the fish oil has made a huge difference in the quality of her life in every area.
She got a bath today and did not appreciate it LOL  she was very awake and not happy with us but the nurse and I both took an end and got it done asap so she wouldn't be too mad.  It was a bit cool today!
Please pray for Christy and her dear family, Selah, me (I'm really trying to trust God) and a family I just read about today who has been following our story also.  Their son is very ill, he is adopted from Ukraine. 

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