Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mom's medical update

Ok I'm back from my break:)

Yesterday I had another doctor's appointment.  I have like 4 unrelated issues and I'm getting them resolved so I don't have worry in the back of my mind anymore!  So yesterday was the urologist....I have bladder spasms or something painful.  I've decided to have all the testing done, I can deal with the infrequent pain as long as I know there is nothing serious going on.    I could cry cause I've had the scope test before...asleep .... like I will this time and had so much pain afterwards....  UGH!  But I feel like I have lots of people depending on me and I need to make sure there is nothing serious causing the problem.  It's scheduled for February. 

The funny thing is he looked at my med's list.  I only take one pill infrequently for panic attacks.  He told me the pill has been used to deal with the kind of spasms I have!  I take it so rarely, that I've not seen a change but he asked me to take it for a week solid and see if the pains go away.  It was also used as an allergy pill too .....SO it MUST be a wonder drug!  It can take away panic attacks, dry up your nose and make your bladder quit having spasms   LOL   the only down side is it makes me sleepy and feel "woolen headed" LOL   I hate that feeling!  But it seems after I eat, I feel better.... so I'll be happy and fat taking this pill!

Everyone is doing good Selah has had no issues except she continues to need to be suctioned more often.  I think it is tied to her having her Toby meds going. 

We are supposed to have "winter" for a week, there is a cold front coming in.  I went to the library and got myself a ton of books....I'm ready LOL!  I'm jealous of all the snow most of the US is getting.  I've only been in a real snowstorm ONCE and it was fun.  We just stayed in and everything was so cozy!  Steve was a one year old and such a cutey!   How did he grow up so quick?

Hope you all stay warm & safe!


  1. Right now, after getting another ten cm, I would gladly trade places with you...winter in Canada is no joke this year.

  2. Wish you and your whole famly were here to get snowed in with us! We would have a blast!!!
    Continued prayers for all of your medical stuff to just get resolved quickly and without much disruption to daily life. If that drug works you have to let us all know what it is!! ((((HUGS)))))!!

  3. Hey Yvonne! I follow your blog and enjoy it very much! I had to laugh at your comment about having "winter" this week. I live in Ontario, Canada and right now the temperature is -29 F. It's so cold that the kids are not allowed outside for recess at school! Could you send a little warmer weather our way, please?

  4. Praying for you! Not sure why but your face just popped in my head while working at my desk and I've come to learn that usually means I need to pray for that person.

    Jesus you see the need. I ask you to be with, protect and heal the need. You are our helper, comforter and healer and we thank you in advance for a good report! In Jesus name Amen!