Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Peace speaker

This is the peace that having faith in God will give you......
(my friend's fb post)

My dear sweet friends, it is with great sadness I write tonight. Thank you all for your calls, texts & messages. My darling husband woke up on the streets of glory this afternoon. He with the saints proclaiming the name of Jesus. We are mourning, but not as those without hope of Heaven. We will see him again.
My heart is moved when I read her post.  Yes I am so sad for her!  But when I read this short statement I feel the faith and the hope that shines through....Can't you see that too?  That's what real faith is.  It's not always being on the mountaintop with a perfect life, it is trusting God when you hurt so bad you can hardly breath.  And that is the point when you will know God in a way you could have never imagined. 
I do not like walking through a valley, no one does.  But the thing I've discovered is, when you walk through a valley, you get to know your Savior in a way you could have never imagined.   And it is sweet, there is nothing to liken to, nothing to compare it to, just knowing the Creator of the Universe is with you through trials. 
We've all heard of tragedies, and thought to our selves "how does this person go on?"  They may still have heartache but they "go on" with an underlying peace if they know the "Peace speaker".... Christy is famous for singing that song, I don't have a video of her singing but here is the song      (I hope it loads for you-I had issues)
So please keep my friend and her five children lifted up in prayer.  It is a blessing when you have the prayers of God's people to support you.  I can't explain it but it makes such a difference.
Today I had an ultrasound of my thyroid.  I knew I had cysts and they've grown each time I've had them checked.  I started with one small one.  Now I have three and one is larger than 1cm so I imagine I'll have to have a biopsy.  I was told at 1cm they'd have to be checked.  Mine are the thicker more complex ones :(   I really do not want to deal with this!  Tomorrow I go for an another ultrasound.  I also have a cyst on my left ovary.  It's been there for awhile and has stayed stable.  They really don't suspect it will ever be a problem BUT it has to be checked out.  Next week I see GI for an endoscopy down my throat!  And I also see urology......Geez......this is getting crazy and stressing me out totally!   I'd appreciate your prayers about all of this and please pray that I can be peaceful during this time.  I get very anxious, overly anxious about medical stuff when it comes to myself.  I think of all the responsibility  I have and how much I am depended on by my family. 
Everyone is doing good, Selah is great, still more mucus than we'd like but she is really great other than that.  Sam & Sarah got over their little colds on their own.  I started to get sick over the weekend but I swear by HOT TEA!  It really helped me and I'm fine now. 

We are enjoying "Shad's" kittens!




  1. I will keep you in my prayers! I am dealing with some medical things too, although I don't have children to be concerned about (yet!!). It IS scary thinking about the unknowns, but I have faith that I am on God's true path for me

  2. Praying for your medical issues, praying for peace of mind, calm, sending love your way! God will keep you in His arms!