Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pet pictures

Henry and Fraidy Cat

this is Vermont on our welcome mat

Princess is above, being adorable:) 
And Daisy is below sleeping'
what great easy kittens they are!

Brownie sleeping in "her" spot as you can tell
and Vermont sleeping near her.  Brownie always has a "cat friend" she curls up with.

So another cool day in Florida, nice enough for the kids to go back outside some. 
We had some issues with one of the new teachers, I really don't know how to share it but she said she had been accused of something  that could affect my kids so we asked for another teacher.  I feel bad for her but as always my kids must come first as they are defenseless and non verbal.   There is a part of me that feels bad for not being supportive BUT I have to think of my children first.    I'm so tired of strange situations.  Please pray that we can get the right teachers in to work with our kids. I'm discouraged. 
Miss Selah was really lifting her head and holding it this morning.  We love when she does that.   She hadn't done it so much since the last time I posted those pictures. IT was great to see her moving like that again! 
Please keep our girl in your prayers!  Thank you!

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