Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pray for Ukraine!

My poor Canadian friends....I'm getting your comments and feeling guilty!  I wouldn't know what to do in below zero weather.  This below freezing (for a few hours) is bad enough LOL  But it's cold for Florida.  I MADE myself go walking today and it was in the 50's and I was freezing.  What a wimp I am!

We lived in NYC in the 90's and must have had really mild winters.  There was one huge snow storm BUT we were on vacation in Florida so we missed it except for the pictures they took.   The last year we lived up there, we had moved over to New Jersey to live in the 'burbs and we got 26 inches of snow on April 1st!  That was wild and our one big snow storm:)  I actually was about 28 before I saw snow, other than one little flurry in 1977 (that we ALL still talk about LOL!  I know where I was when it happened and I ran outside in flip flops LOL)   So cold weather and snow are a novelty to us, kind of like hurricanes are to Canadians. 

Tonight I cooked pork chops, yellow rice, mac& cheese, homemade cornbread.....for supper.  Yep a carb feast!  Well we have grapes for dessert! My house is smelling good, while we are waiting on Jon to get home.  We really do try to eat together nightly.


My heart is troubled for Ukraine as I see news reports of the government's crackdown.  We are getting conflicting reports of how many have been killed.  First I heard 3, now I'm hearing 2,  wondering if they mean 2 more have been killed?   As I've said before, I love Ukraine like it was my homeland.  I can not explain why I love it so much.  We were there long enough for the reality of the lives of the regular Ukraine people to be seen by us.  It is a harsh way of life.  But I loved it.  We honestly entertained thoughts of moving there and working as missionaries and in the orphanages.   I've been to other countries, I've never felt the pull like I feel even still from Ukraine. 

Right now I've got several friends in Ukraine still working on adoptions.  I pray that  the unrest does not affect adoptions, but how can it not evidently? 

Ukraine's history is so sad, I pray that God will allow more freedom in their country and that there will be more religious freedom and hunger for God.  Ukraine is a rather hopeless place in some ways.  Many families say they feel a spiritual heaviness in Ukraine, we did not but we were surrounded by some amazing God fearing people.  Within hours of landing in Ukraine, we found a church from our denomination  to attend in Kiev and went to the Sunday service.  Once we were in Torez, we found a Pentecostal church that we attended and fellowshipped with the believers.  We had a wonderful facilator who was very interested in spiritual things.  We saw a lot of sad things, but on the other hand we saw many wonderful things. 

When I think of the conflict, I think of how it could affect our dear friends and the orphans.  It could mean some very hard times for all of them!

Please pray for Ukraine! 

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  1. No need to apologize (I love reading your blog)! Made me laugh with hurricane reference (so true). You can tell the snowbirds as we are in shorts and tee shirts even during your "freezing winter"! Hope to thaw out next week as it is still minus 22 Celsius (-7 Fahrenheit) but don't want it too get too warm or our igloo might melt lol