Thursday, January 30, 2014


Ok I survived the testing today:)   I was diagnosed with some issues but nothing life threatening.  Evidently I have reflux, that has caused esophagitis, and irregular Z line (what the heck), a hiatus hernia and possibly H. pylori  ..... so as I'm reading the irregular Z line can be linked to Barret's which can lead to cancer.  However H. pylori  fights that cancer...LOL  it's crazy reading all the stuff on the internet.  The doctor told me everything is manageable, put me on a daily medication and I'll see him in 2 weeks....

I also did the bladder ultrasound and I learned I successfully empty my bladder, that is always a good thing:)   I still have the bladder scope on Monday and I'm a bit stressed but going in the procedure area today and talking with the really nice nurses did put me at ease.  The med they gave me to put me to sleep was really really really nice....wish they could prescribe that to me daily LOL! 

Thanks for your prayers and please keep them coming so I can get all of this behind me.  I feel a bit betrayed by my body to have all those things going on and not even know it!  I don't really have any symptoms of reflux.  The reason I had the test (was supposed to have had in Sept 2012 right after my colonoscopy) was because I have that crazy side pain that doesn't go away, a family history of colon cancer, my own personal precancerous polyps  and anemia.  But I didn't ever think I had stomach issues.  I feeling old!

Here are some funny pictures of the kittens watching Bill O'Reily on Fox news last night:)  These cats crack us up! 




The above link is a very good one that explains things in Ukraine quite well.  It is an interesting read. 
Again thanks for the prayers and well wishes...we are off to eat out tonight!  I am just not up to cooking:)  I can definably use this as an excuse!  
I was told by our nurse that while I was gone we had the daily Thursday crew at our house and that everyone was having to take turns with the kids.  We had PT, OT and VT so it got crowded but the little ones like having their teachers there so their day went on as normal!


  1. Reflux is almost always a gluten problem. If you try cutting out gluten and dairy you will see it go away and your bladder problems most likely as well. I had severe bladder issues, urinating 25 times per night once when I counted. I had every scope and ultrasound there was. Nothing helped until I took myself off gluten once again. The first time I went off I cured my gall bladder disease. I am off for good now. You probably have an autoimmune condition which is manifesting in several areas of your body. Do a little research googling reflux and gluten and you might be amazed.

  2. Glad that one day of testing is over for you and you are none the worse for the wear! Going out to dinner is always a great reward! At least you have some concrete answers and some management tools. Continued prayers that the bladder scope is over before you know it and brings only good news! Try to enjoy the weekend! :)

  3. Glad to know that all is well.I'll bet in a few weeks you will be feeling really good. Is it a good thing to have all the therapists there at once? Every little has a grown up so no one is jealous? I keep all of you in my prayers and I read every day even if I don't comment.

  4. put an aquarium show on it can be really funny