Monday, January 13, 2014


Sarah is a sharing person, she has shared her Giradia with I have worms.  Not really worms but it sounds good LOL

I got the call from the health department this morning.  What was funny is I had called my doctor to see if the tests were back on me and was told everything was normal.  Not 5 minutes later I get the call from the health department and just cracked up.  Obviously someone didn't know how to read the results!   I guess we will all have to be checked now....  I don't have any of the symptoms just some tummy pain.  The nurse was going down the list...."have you lost your appetite?"  NO!  "have you lost weight"" NO...... BOO!!   In fact I feel better after I eat, the worms must get hungry LOL   I am dreading taking the medicine, I tend to have reactions to medicines, you 'll  never have to worry about me getting hooked on pills or drugs!  UGH!

The movie theater we often go to had a shooting today!  Just Saturday we were in that area to eat and do some shopping. I take the reports with a grain of salt as I (of all people) know how things can be reported wrong.  It seems from what I'm hearing personally that the younger man was very aggressive with the older man but who knows, it seems like the older man could have just called the cops. I did hear he went to the front and ask for the manager to deal with the younger man.  But like I said who really knows yet?  I'm sure our sheriff will get to the bottom of the story.

It's just weird to think that a shooting happened in a theater that I go to all the time with my kids!  I don't know about you but I'm ready to buy an underground shelter and just go live in it!!!!!  That has become my fantasy!  Of course trying to get all my people to live underground for the next few one else is too excited about it LOL!  It seems only my friends with kids get it!!!

Selah is having a lot of secretions but managing them so far.  Steve got the all clear from his foot doctor to start back jogging today and I got several doctor appointments scheduled for myself for things I've put off for awhile! 

Busy day!

Please keep Selah in your prayers!  Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes I get, you all encourage me!

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