Sunday, February 2, 2014

Great weekend!

We have been busy around here.  We were out all day Friday and then I took the boys and a friend to see Frozen....we thought it was a movie about a snowman....a funny it was a love story Princess Disney movie.... with lots of singing...and of course with parents who die....WHY WHY WHY  does Disney always kill off a parent or two?   We weren't thrilled with the movie at all!

Then Saturday we went to a all day birthday party that turned into a square dance:)  What fun we had even tho we got home at 11pm with nothing done for Sunday!  It was worth having to get up early this morning for all the fun we had last night!  We are planning to go to a "called " square dance later this month at a church.  Even Steve was dancing last night, it was great just to watch them.  Jon and I both did square dancing back in high school during our PE classes and we both liked it.  We've wanted to go dancing together (not particularly square dancing ) but didn't want to go to a bar.  So this is something we are really looking forward to doing!!!! 

Sunday church was just great.  When we came to this older church over 8 years ago....we came to a mess in so many ways, spiritually, physically, emotionally.....we have gone through many things during the past years.  There were more than ONE service when there was only 9 people....and we had 5 in our family then....we've gone through personal valleys....but God had opened this door and brought us here so we stayed.....  Jon and I would say to each other some Sundays  "Faint Not"
( And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.)   Sometimes we'd say it to each other in laughter and sometimes in tears BUT God has been faithful .  We were able to remodel each building here (and they were falling down) we have no debt, for the past 9 months our church has been steadily growing....we now have 23 members and our attendance runs around 50 people (and the growth has been REAL growth not people who got mad at their pastor and left the church in a huff but people who have moved here, or started back going to church after being out, and some who came from more of a main line church that wanted to be more expressive), we have a Spanish church that meets here 3x a week that we partner with in the community and in the prison, we have a strong prison ministry with several couples from our church.  We started back Sunday School with a wonderful teacher and series that has attracted almost everyone to attend.  We have someone who is starting up a Fine Arts group (a program our denomination does to encourage youth's talents) and they will be competing this year.  My kids are not the only kids anymore and the families have the same heart as we do concerning "family integration church" or having all the age groups in the congregation without sending the kids off.   I don't write any of this to boast but to encourage you to stay faithful.  There were Sundays when we were just thankful the day was over.....but we stayed faithful to what God had called us to do regardless of what we saw or experienced.   There were times I only did what I had to do because I was committed to God.  I can remember being able to go home some Sundays and just being thrilled it was over for a week!  But we didn't give up and we did what we felt God had called us to do....and He has been so faithful to us

He can do the same for you, it might not be that you are a pastor, maybe just being faithful in a job that is hard, or working on a relationship that seems hopeless....whatever your situation, do what God has told you to do through His word about being faithful and God will be faithful to you.  I've seen this happen time and time various situations. 

So today on the way home, Jon said the famous line "Faint Not"   ( And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.)   And I said it took a LONG time for that DUE season to come LOL!   Then Jon sang me a song they sing in the prison that goes something like this "He's an on time God, yes He is, He may not come when we want Him to but he comes at the right time He's an on time God yes He is"  Something like get the picture:)   God is faithful and sometimes He is working many different things out behind the scene.  I think we have learned so much during this time about God and being faithful. 

Tomorrow is my last big test for a month.  I go in at 9 am for a bladder scope.  I WILL be sedated, hopefully heavily!  Please pray that they don't find anything serious and I don't have any complicates.  I was really sick after the last one I had years ago.  I've had some stomach pain or really sensitivity  all weekend, I'm guessing from the biopsies they took, or maybe I know now all the problems I have LOL  I might be a little impressible.   So thanks for the prayers!

Selah is doing good, a few nursing issues right now but nothing major.  Keep praying for our sweet girl1

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  1. I pray for all of your family...What an honor to take our requests to the
    Throne of Grace...
    Love from NC