Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Jon outdid himself this year.  I'm not into flowers or candy but I love that he wants me to have someone come in to deep clean our house once a month and he got me gift cards to go out to eat, enough to bring all our little Valentines with us:)  Steve vacuumed out the van for me, I'm simple, I love to have things neat and clean so it made me happy! 

Our nurse had an appointment and I got to be alone with Selah for awhile.  It was really nice to spend one on one time with her.  I so appreciate our nurses but I don't mind taking care of her by myself either.  It gives us time to bond, without people around all the time.  There are times when I miss all the nights that used to seem so hard doing all the nursing.  But with having to take care of the other kids, it's hard.  I did enjoy today. 

We're enjoying a cool Florida day, Jon is walking Sarah outside in her new walker, Steve is practicing for his percussion group, Shad is running outside and Sam is napping.  Selah is in her stander, all is good in the Clanton world.  Thanks for your continued prayer and support:)

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