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Kids & Angels singing....

Sarah at the doctor's appointment



Shad and Sarah


I love this girl!!!!
This was just a yearly check up.  Sarah brought a form of scabies home with her from Ukraine.  There is a term for it, but I don't remember it.  It's not contagious which is a good thing:)  When we got home from Ukraine at midnight, we had a 9 am doctor's appointment...when I walked in with her our doctor said "scabies!  How long have you been holding her?"  I told him for 6 weeks so I was a goner.  Then since she didn't respond to the treatment he gave us and we didn't get it, he sent us right to a dermatologist. and Sarah was diagnosed with a form of it that comes from having it for years.   It's not contagious at this point.  Many of the kids had the same kind of spots she did, but Selah didn't have them at all. 
She had to be treated twice with oral meds to get rid of the worst of it.  Now it only comes back a little on her body.  I had her in a sweater dress and she started frantically scratching her tummy and arms, turns out that kind of material irritates it.  She hasn't had an outbreak since November but we keep meds on hand to get rid of it if she gets it.  He doesn't think she'll ever get free of it but it will get less and less as time goes by.
Since the blog is working I thought I'd share some more pictures!
Sam going to take a nap
 the above picture is the kids' inside trampoline do you see Sam under it?  He did that by himself!

Close ups


he loves all the little toys we keep in the box under the trampoline.  This just cracked me up.  He figured out how to get out WITH pushing the box ahead of him.  we were laughing!
Selah is doing great.  She is back on her normal formula AND her meds came today!  Our friend the UPS guy got here before 10am.  He's not used to having to get a timed package to us.  We see him all the time for all the various supplies we get for her monthly but not one like that!  So now she is started on her Tobi and the other antibodic, we are sure she will handle this ok now.  Everyone is seeing her new little expression.  Our day nurse tried to capture it with a picture but didn't quite get it but we are all excited!  I hope she is trying to smile, today it looked like she was!!!!
A friend of mine shared this video on my Fb wall....
it's called "Rodney Howard Browne- Angels sing with People part 1 this was back in the early 90's
Y'all know I'm a bit of a Pentecostal skeptic...
I was there that night
I heard this with my own ears
a knowledge of something much greater was worshipping with us in that service
About 4 minutes into this you can hear clearly the main sound of worship, the angels and you can tell the difference that sound than from the various people who were worshipping. 
I was sitting in the back right side (facing the pulpit) area with some family & friends.  When this started, it was NOTHING like anything I've ever heard in my life.  Sure you can hear people worshipping but if you look at the folk's faces, many were silent. ( I know I was silent- I was in awe!)  There was a sound above our heads, that just listening to this still give me chill bumps.  I was sitting next to my sister in law and I just grabbed her hand.  I was pretty sure Jesus was about to come!  I knew, no one had to tell me that we were hearing angels.  No one made an announcement.....there was absolutely no need to do so.  We knew.....
As I said I'm a skeptic although I'm a Pentecostal preacher's wife.   But this was something else.  The sound came in waves like the sound of rushing waters... 
this is part 2
Rodney Browne's services were characterized as having "holy laughter"  I had seen that a little when I was growing up but never to that degree.  I'm not saying some folks were not "in the flesh" but it was real in my opinion. 
I'll tell you what happened to me.... a few years before this video was taken. 
I'd heard about the services being held at a large Assemblies of God church.  My husband (who is much more open to things than I am) had plans with a friend one night so I decided to go by myself.    We actually were scheduled to speak at that church in a few weeks.  So I slipped in and sat in the back, trying to hide since this church was a little too out there for me!  (we were coming to speak to share about the ministry we were about to start in NYC)  So I watch the service (not this service ) and at one point realize it was 10 pm!  I got up to go to the lobby to call home since that was late! (this was back in the early 90's no cell phones)  When I got up to go, I could not move!  I mean there was a heaviness to my limbs that was NOT from it being 10 pm at night!  I believe it was God touching me, the presence of God was very strong.  BTW the pastor of that church was sitting behind me as I tried to stumble out.  I was so embarrassed!  But I could not control myself.
So Jon and I both go back the next night.  We sat a little closer...RIGHT behind another pastor that we were scheduled to speak at his church.in the next few weeks  - and the pastor had probably 15 people with him.  At the close of Rodney's message, he asked everyone to stand and lift their hands if they wanted a refreshing from God.  I did, feeling foolish as I am not a "hand lifter"  He began praying from the pulpit that was far in front of us and he ended the prayer and said something like "Fill them now!"   Well I was "slain in the spirit"  right there with NO one touching me.  "Slain in the Spirit" is a term that Pentecostals use to describe being overcome by God to the point you can not physically stand up!  I fell between the pew in front of me and the pew behind me without hurting myself at all. When I hit the ground I began laughing at the top of my lungs, again uncontrollably.   (BTW I had never been "slain in the spirit " before this and haven't since)
Now I was younger back then but I had been raised in Pentecostal churches all my life.  I've been in situations where I felt the need to "perform" to show I was "touched by God" but I always resisted!  By that point in my life, I'd survived my home church, 4 years of Bible college and was married and in full time ministry.   NOTHING like this had ever happened to me before.  By that time in my life I was well into my role as a skeptic.  Believe me, when friends heard what happened to me, they came in DROVES to see what was going on LOL  Cause they knew I "didn't play the radio" translated...I didn't play around about the things of God. 
But here I was towards the back of the church, surrounded by a pastor and some folks from his church that we were going to speak at soon and I would have never wanted them to see me like that at all.  My husband just began saying "IT's God, It's God" because he knows me and knows how I am. 
So here I am down on my back on the floor, between the pews, screeching with laughter...with tears running down my face.  The tears were not from me laughing so hard but rather from a release in my heart.  I can not explain or defend what happened to me.  All I know is it happened, I don't fake it for no body....and the bible says that God uses the humblest things to confound the wise....
There was much discussion in the Pentecostal movement  at the time...was it real or not?  All I know for me it was real. 
What I appreciate about the minister Rodney Howard Browne is that he has gone on to pastor a church, a church that focuses on reaching the lost and he has never been in a scandal and has remained faithful to serve God.  He and his wife even went through the pain of losing a child to a horrible illness and yet serve God faithfully.   His fruit has remained for all the naysayers out there.  Some who fought the revival  ( that went on for years) , don't even serve God themselves now....
I will be the FIRST to say that Pentecostals can be a bit emotional in their experience with God  (not usually me but some can be)  But when you experience God, your emotions will get involved. 
So sharing this is very personal for me.  I'm not a typical Pentecostal and I will admit to being somewhat ashamed and embarrassed by Pentecostals and what they do LOL. I'd make a GREAT Methodist!  But I'm sharing my "real life" as it happened.....and when my friend Joe shared this, it brought this all back to my mind.  Although he and I are arguing what year it took place in LOL!  I say it was in Jan of 1996 and he says in was in 1993 (the revival went on for years with meetings that would go for a straight 6 weeks at times)... but we were all there and together when it happened.  And we've never forgotten the night we heard the angels sing!!!!

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  1. Seeing Sarah walk literally gives me goose bumps. I am so happy for her! It's such a huge step! And Sam! How cute to see him moving through "toddlerhood" :) They're both growing up!