Monday, February 3, 2014

Last test!

Last test done today until the thyroid biopsy next month....WHEW!  The Cystoscopy was as bad as I remembered it LOL......(had it once before years ago)  But nothing serious was found!!!!  YEAH!  He did a small procedure in hopes that it will take away the pain I have. If you live in this area, I have to say we have been very pleased with Florida Medical Clinic.  I'm a doctor snob to be quite honest.  I never thought I'd use a doctor not associated with a big hospital BUT FMC is very comparable to Watson Clinic in Lakeland and I honestly like it much better.  They have everything, all the specialists included under their umbrella.  I really like the staff's attitude  they all seem quite positive.  The buildings are beautiful and everything is state of the art.  And right now I'm sitting in their Urgent Care office tonight!  The pain has gotten worse over the hours rather than better and the meds I have are not helping much.  I'll survive but I'm hoping that they can try a different med to help me until I heal up!  (update...they gave me a pain shot and a new med and THANK GOD my pain level is way down.  Still some  pain but this is manageable-  Outside of labor, this was the worst pain Ive ever had.  May have to get a pain shot in the morning too)

I am so relieved that there is nothing seriously wrong with me.  I got all my blood work today and my cholesterol is down from 203 (at physical for the girls' adoption ) to 175....LOL  I used to walk like a crazy lady and exercise.  Now I exercise like once a week and the eating.....well....   We are laughing about this and wondering if we should market my new way to bring down cholesterol!  all my other blood work is perfect, really glad since I've really not been taking care of myself.

So enough about me!  I used to always wonder why old people talked about pain and surgeries etc....  Now I know they wanted sympathy LOL!  

So I thought you'd like to see some photos my friends took this weekend.  What a a great time we all had!  Steve is in the black/grey shirt on the right side of the picture.  they were square dancing:)


Later they did smores by the fire and Jon joined them with Sam on his lap.  Shad has his head away from the camera. Sarah and I were inside:)
Jon and I had really prayed that Steve's circle of friends would grow.  Steve has been so faithful to help us and I think that is an important part of a family BUT we wanted him to make good memories with friends whose families shared similar values.  None of us are exactly the same in all our views but similar.  He had a busy weekend with different new friends and now is starting with the percussion band at our church, getting ready for college days at SEU and another vacation with all of us and our close times:)  I'm just happy for all that is happening for him. 
Well thanks for all the well wishes and prayers for all that has been going on with me.  I'm hoping I'll be ok through the night and am thankful for the shot I got, I may have to go back tomorrow for another one but I've certainly got relief and am still somewhat in my right mind:) 
I sat with Selah some tonight once I got home and she was just beautiful, very relaxed and she moved her arms around in an independent way.  I love when I see her make normal movements:)   She's so precious, every little thing she does, we treasure.  I'm so glad I got to see her move like that, it's seems her independent movements occur mostly in the early evening.  But they are good "normal" movements, the kind you want to see, not the strange almost seizure type movements we've seen before....  please keep praying for our girl!


  1. Glad everything is checking out OK! Praying for you and for Selah.

  2. Glad you are okay. I have had a cystoscopy before and I hurt in some odd places afterwards, lol. :-) I don't know what medical condition you are dealing with, but for bladder pain I recommend amitriptylline. I had horrible pelvic pain for a couple of years before my nurse practioner prescribed it and it helped and now I no longer even have to take it. The pain is gone.