Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Mornings

Love my happy boy, Shad!  This was taken at his Valentine's Dance.  He met up with a girl there but it was really like glorified recess.  The kids danced to Christian music and played games and won prizes.  I came for the last few minutes and it was a loud happy party!

Selah continues to do good.  OF COURSE her Tobi med didn't come hour on the phone tracking it will be here by noon tomorrow....and people wonder WHY I have an anger issue??   She had PT today but we're going a little gently on her.  She still is not up to her regular self but she is ok.  Our weekday nurse saw the new facial expression and really feels Selah is trying to smile!!!   He was almost crying when he saw it, he's prayed for her to be able to smile at us:)  

The kids have been busy with therapy and teachers today.  Mondays are big days for us. 

I've tried to get going but even after a LARGE coffee and TWO doughnuts, I'm dragging trying to do paperwork.  I swear I do more paperwork NOW than when I worked full time.  So overwhelming at times.  Everything takes so many steps to finish the whole thing.  Makes me want to go take a nap!

Tomorrow is a crazy busy day for us.  I scheduled Jon to see GI (he has some issues with his throat) and Cardiology. I figure I've had to see all these doctors, now it is his turn so we will stay healthy!  Sarah has an appointment with dermatology in Tampa.  She came home with a form of scabies (non contagious) and had to be aggressively treated.  Every great once in a while she'll have a small outbreak that we can treat with ointment.  So she sees dermatology once a year.  Plus we have PT in the morning.  Long day!  And Tuesdays are my day to go out to lunch with my friend:)

On Thursday I have someone coming to redo our whole sound system in the church along with the computers and he is going to look at my computer and try and figure out the issue with my blog!  Yeah maybe I'll soon be able to load up pictures again.    I'll be so glad to have all this done.  Our system was like just put together all kinds of ways with cords  hanging out.   We may have to buy some equipment to update the system but it will be nice to have it working and understandable. 

Well I hope you've had a more productive Monday than I have, about the only thing I've gotten done is cleaning out junk pipework, throwing away and shredding.   At least the pile is smaller, thanks to that:)  But now it's time to go and cook supper.  Chicken & Rice casserole with mashed potatoes and baked beans.  Easy peesy...and pretty healthy.  Have a great night!

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  1. I adore that picture of Shad!! That boy sure is filled with such JOY!!