Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Crazy Blog

I have such great pictures I was going to share tonight but my blog has gone absolutely nutso.....every now and then my blog will not cooperate with pictures.   I had a really good blog ready to honor Sam but it will have to be for another day since I am tired from all the partying and ready to go to bed!

In a nutshell we've had a wonderful day celebrating Sam's 10th birthday:)  He is one happy boy!

I promise pictures tomorrow, hopefully and the whole scope:)

This was my FB post today....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM! Can't believe he is 10 years old. He is the most life changing gift that I've ever been given. God allowed his little life and his little life helped change the future of three other children. If God had not given us Sam, we would have never even thought to adopt Shad, Sarah or Selah. So he has done more in his 10 years than most people have done in a lifetime. Every life... is precious, some people may see Sam as just a disabled blind child, maybe even a drain on society....BUT that is not how God sees his little precious life & that's not how we see him. He is a gift that is more precious to me than anything else. He changed my life, for so much better than it was before him:) It was scary handing over the "normal" dreams that we had for our son but God helped us not to be bitter but to look forward and that changed everything. Happy birthday Sam!
Ok for the last two days if "seems" like Selah is bringing her hands together and resting them on her tummy.   This is something she has never done and now 2 of her nurses have seen her do this.  We really don't know what to think.  No one has "positioned' her but we are wondering if her hands just "accidently" came together or is this a real thing she is doing?   If so, this is big.  We will have to see if this continues.  There is this whole thing about "the midline" and kids doing things like this as a development stage.  Please pray that it is something she is doing and that she will continue doing it!!!!
Sarah is doing great with her new walker!  Her PT can tell the difference already with the new walker as we are using it everytime she goes out.  She is loving her new walker and is ready to get in it and GO! 


  1. It's not just your blog, Yvonne. I have a blogspot blog too, and the pictures randomly go wonky for me too. I don't know what's up with that, but I know it's frustrating! Sam is such a sweet, special boy. To think of all the lives he's changed in his short life is quite impressive! I am so excited to hear about Selah moving her hands! It could be nothing, but it sure could be SOMETHING!! I love that Sarah is doing so well with her walker. It's such a great accomplishment! She's come so far is such a short time!

  2. Thanks so much for your 'real life' requests on how we can pray and praise! Will continue to pray that your precious Selah will awaken and come back to you.