Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Day!

What a day for the country of Ukraine.....things are happening fast and it's very fluid right now.   This morning's headline for AOL was this article   It starts out saying "it is a new day in Ukraine"   LOVE is a NEW day.  We just pray blessings on the country of Ukraine and pray that the country will go towards more democracy, freedom and that the Gospel of Christ will have more freedom to be shared AND that orphans will have better care!

Selah is continuing to do ok.  She is still not back to 100% but we are thankful that she is handling this illness WITHOUT having to go in the hospital.  This is the sickest she has ever been and yet remained at home.  We are thrilled that she is being able to recover at home and not in the hospital.  This episode reminds us of how important it is to have nursing for her.  There is no way we'd be comfortable dealing with her like this at home WITHOUT a nurse.  We have been in contact with both her pediatrician and her pulmonologist and followed their guidelines.  We were given  parameters to be able to keep her home, and thankfully she stayed within those parameters.   Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

Despite not feeling good Selah is doing something NEW-completely NEW!  Just yesterday she started bringing her top lip up in a way she never has before.  It looks like she could almost be smiling or maybe showing she is upset like a sneer.  I only saw her move the left side but our nurses have seen her move the right side also.  We didn't think those muscles worked but they seem to.  When she was up in the stander today, she used  this new movement and we could tell it was absolutely a purposeful movement.  I'm really excited, every little thing matters!!!!

Mr Sam has been a mess lately!  Just within the last week he had acted cranky and out of sorts.  And of a sudden, he has become a real toddler:)  He is into everything.  Yesterday he got a box of cereal, took it to his room and emptied it all over the floor!  In the past week, he has gone from just walking to his swing outside to running around the whole yard, getting into the garden, finding a ball and climbing down the slide without help.  He also found the dog's water dish!   We are loving it but at the same time, are quite astonished.  He has always been so cautious, not being able to see very good but now it's like "Katie bar the door" LOL  (old southern expression that means to LOOK OUT here come trouble) 

This morning before church we found him UNDER the trampoline in his room trying to get to some toys in a box. He has never done something like that!   We took pictures, that won't load on this crazy blog.  But we have photo evidence!  We had a guest speaker today so Jon sat with the family.  Sam could not contain himself and wanted to play with daddy.  I took him out, and he protested LOL 

It's like he has had this huge leap in his reasoning abilities.  The way Sam progresses seems to be like this but he has never ever had this big of leap before.  It's really something for us to watch.  We also know that we need to be extra careful with him right now as we were thinking he might figure out how to open doors by himself!  Glad we have an alarm system!

So our little ones are learning new skills.  Sarah is continuing to walk everywhere using her walker.  She wore a new summer outfit to church today and new sandals, she was so cute but I think the sandals were a bit harder for her to walk in.  She did it with a smile though:)

Big news.....Shelly Burman is HOME from Ukraine after being there since December 8th....she made it through many hardships, many things changed and she did not get the children she originally set out for BUT she rescued FOUR gorgeous little boys and made it through a near civil war.....I think she should write a book!!!!  But she is safe at home tonight with her hubby and all her children.  Pictures will be forthcoming I'm sure:)  She is a real trouper!  

Hope you all had a great weekend and a good week coming up!

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