Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our fighting girl

Selah is holding her own.   What a little fighter!  The antibodic seems to be helping.  Her secretions are down, no fever today and no throwing up!   We are still being careful and have stopped the fish oil till she is back to normal.  We also are not giving her the formula tonight either, keeping her on Pedialyte.  In fact we kept it going on all on a slow drip in her gtube to make sure she stayed hydrated without using the juices like we usually do during the day.  Trying to keep things as easy for her as possible. 

Actually I'm thrilled that she is handling this illness as well as she is!  She is our tough little Ukrainian!!!!  I think this shows how healthy she is despite all she has been through. 

Speaking of Ukraine.....what a day for that country!  The president has stepped down, the former president has been released from prison.....  We hope and pray that freedom is finally coming to that wonderful country that has our hearts!

We got three more of our Square Foot Gardens filled today.  One with collards, one with squash and one with all kinds of peppers.  I have 4 more to fill and 3 to redo.  SFG are made of Untreated wood so they don't last forever.  Basically we'll just shovel out the remaining sand, put up the new sides and cover the bottom with cardboard boxes and newspaper and fill back up with compost. 

The boys worked hard after I had to go back inside and mulched & weeded around the house.  I then potted some flowers to hang.  Things are looking like spring time!  For their reward, they wanted to go to the movies....I only wanted to fall out on the couch!  Love having an older one who can take them to the movies for me! 

Tonight I switched back my closets . I know I live in Florida BUT I have this  thing about closets!    Summery and winter clothes can not be together LOL!  So since my closet now only has spring/summer clothes  I'm sure we will have SNOW LOL!    It was probably in  the mid 80's today. When I finished working outside, I took a COLD shower and was still HOT! 

But it is bathing suit and shorts weather down here....sorry to all my friends who live up north but just remember when you are having a nice warm summer, we'll be dripping with sweat down here in Florida!   I love Florida in spite of the heat & humidity!  It's what I'm used to:)  Personally I like as few clothes or shoes on as possible so that works good down here!  (NO I'm not a nudist- just love tshirts and shorts!) 

I have a collection of flip flops:)   No fancy shoes for me but I do have some really nice flip flops, some would be considered dress shoes:)  That's how we roll down here!!!!    Last year I found black flip flops with rhinestones and another pair with jewels on them.  I love them!

 Hope you all have a great weekend!  Please keep praying for Selah.  I'm thankful she has done as well as she has but she always needs prayers.  I don't understand everything about prayer but I know God hears Selah's name often.....


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  1. Oh I just saw Friday's post now! I'm so glad that I was able to read that she is better before I knew she was sick! But tonight I will step up the prayers for her! I love to hear how strong she is and that she is able to fight so much of her potential infections without leaving home. I know she is better off at home with her usual routines than in the hospital craziness and germs! I love the picture of her with her teacher. She's such a pretty little sweetheart!! And I can't WAIT for shorts, t-shirts, and flip flop weather!!! :)