Thursday, February 20, 2014

Proverbs 31 NOT

This was my FB post yesterday:

Planted the garden FIVE beds cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, egg plant, carrots, and herbs cooked a huge meal.....AND all the clothes in the house are clean at this moment in time..... (cooked spinach shells, cheese tortellini, and spaghetti and made a big salad we'll have good leftovers for a couple of days. )

Boy I sound like the perfect Proverbs 31 woman don't I?  I've included some pictures but it doesn't look like they are showing up. 

I had it all going on....the garden was done, the weeding was done, the mulching at the church was done (thanks to Steve and his friend Gabe) I had made a huge meal since I had agreed to take Steve to a youth event that night.  I had everything done for Jon so when he got home, he wouldn't have much to do but put the little ones to bed....  I cleaned the kitchen, not a dirty dish in sight.....  The laundry bins were EMPTY, everything was put up....went back outside to see the finished results...and when I came in.....there was a call on my cell phone from Shad's came in at 3:48 see, I was supposed to pick up Shad at 2:30pm.....the same time I've been picking up kids from school for the last 8 years.....

I frantically tried to call the school back, but it went to voice mail.  I tried calling a close friend who works there as I ran around trying to find my van keys....Totally freaking out......

Luckily Steve's friend's mom was here and she ran me up to get him.  Shad thought it was funny, he'd been hanging out with some kids that were still at the school and wasn't upset at all. My friend said I am now "THAT " mother......I can't imagine what the teacher and others were thinking yesterday when they couldn't' get ahold of any of us.....

It's a funny story....I had everything RIGHT, except for forgetting a kid!!!!!!

We are all still laughing about it.  But doesn't that show how NOT perfect we are?  We might have it all together in one area then be totally off in another one.  I plead GUILTY!  I think this will be a "classic" family story. 


Selah is really doing some new things, they are subtle things but everyone is seeing them.  She sat in her pillow chair with minimum back/shoulder support and held her head up for over 10 minutes Tuesday night.  She had nothing around her neck helping to hold herself up.  Today she seems very responsive to her teacher who is quite amazed at some of her responses and it seems she is following/tracking more with her eyes and by moving her head.  I took some good pictures that will not load on here.

Don't know what is going on with my blog not accepting pictures.  My computer is fine, it's just the blog. 

As you can imagine our hearts and attention are on Ukraine.  Please pray for this country that it will experience freedom. 


  1. LOL Good thing Shad has a good sense of humor! None of us are perfect, are we?

    Thanks for posting the pictures. I had forgotten what dirt, grass and green plants look like. :-) My garden is still under a good 12"+ of snow...and more coming tonight. I planted bean seeds last year the 3rd weekend in May and it was too early. Sigh...I guess that's what we get for living where we do! Enjoy your garden!!! You are blessed!

  2. Everything looks great!!! Glad Shad is so easy going and forgiving!!! We all have those moments that make us "that mom"! Welcome to the club!!! :)