Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sarah's life changed again!

Today Sarah's life changed again......

We'd been using a borrowed walker for her.  We only used it around the house/yard and church.  Since she can't see, we have to hold it and guide her as she walks.  She is a little girl so it means bending over and walking with her.  That is ok in a safe place when I only have to be responsible for Sarah.  But when I have the other children or if I'm in a parking lot, I can not be aware of what all is around me and I certainly can't let go of her walker because she could walk into something or off a curb. I can't stand up completely so I can see all around us nor can I look after Sam while I'm walking like that.   So I asked our Physical Therapist if we could put a handle on the walker.  We brain stormed different ways to do it but nothing seemed to work.  Then she researched for me and found the kind of walker I needed to safely take Sarah out anywhere we go.

It came in today.....and we went out......

Sarah walked from the house to the van, then from the van into the hair salon.  She walked around the outside until it was our turn.  (All 5 of us go so they know us and get us in and out!)  Then she walked back to the van.  Then we went to Walmart for a few things and she walked in and around Walmart some.  On the way back to the parking lot, she did make a crying face so I did carry her to the van (which I'm not supposed to do now with 2 hernias but hey....)  I was able to hold onto Sarah and at one point Sam also.   I felt perfectly safe being able to be upright and look around, especially in the parking lot.  This new walker has changed our lives! 

If she looks a little blue around the lips, she had just had a blue lollipop, after her haircut.

we started out in my fav section, the gardening section!
see my handle! It was so easy to help her steer away from things in her path
Btw if you wonder why she always wears leggings, it's to protect her legs.  She often runs into things and gets lots of little bruises.  Not being able to see, AND being very much a dare devil, makes for some interesting falls.  If she wears leggings she generally doesn't scrape her knees up as much.  Her leggings were dirty today but no scrapes or bruises :)   She is tough and seldom cries but she is so excited to just GO!  So she goes and we rush along beside her as best we can.  She has learned how to avoid hurting herself, for the most part in our home but our house is set up for a blind person.  Nothing hard, no sharp edges.....   We hope she will learn to let the walker be her protection but she still gets too excited and even if she hits something, if we don't' catch her, she'll just ram it again and again.   This is a pre caning (using the white cane) skill that she hasn't learned to master but we all think she will.  Our goal is for her to walk independently in most settings with a white cane. 
Today alot of people looked at Sarah, more than usual BUT almost all of them with a huge grin on their faces seeing that tiny girl working so hard!!!   I don't think I could love this girl anymore than I do, my heart just bursts to see her doing something like this!  She is just the most amazing child ever!
 There is a part of me that feels such a vindication when I see her doing all these things.  This child that was left strapped to a bed, who barely could lift her head up the first day we met her....Now she is walking fast all over the place!  Our Physical therapist has assured us that Sarah will walk independently one day.  Then we can give this walker away:)  But until then she is learning and we are loving it!  I'm so blessed to have this girl for my daughter!  
Before all this excitement, I got some paperwork done....the scourge of my life!  We went over Steve's books with his advisor and found he is so very close to being finished with high school.  He will probably be done in the next couple of weeks!   YEAH!  Then he can study for his ACT test for college.  Everything is just coming together for him.
Selah had a good day.  She's been up all day either in her chair or the stander.  Our PT is out of town this week so the nurses have more time to work with Selah in other ways this week. 
Shad is continuing to do well in school and is really pushing ahead in his books.  Since he is already in 5th grade work in all classes, his goal is for him to at least be starting 6th grade work before the end of the school year. 
Sam is getting ready for his 10th birthday in just a few days.  We splurged and bought him just one really nice gift.  He is going to be so happy when he gets it.....shhhhhhh it's a surprise. 
Our weather is back to Florida winder was in the 80's today although I think tomorrow it's only going to be in the 70's, winder is so tough here in Florida:)  We may have one more really cold spell for a few days and then we'll be into spring!  I'm ready to work on the garden now.
I got some awful news today.  There was a shooting in my home town.  I know the man who was the shooter, went to high school with him, he was older.  And I know the family of the cop who was such a hero and was shot protecting others.  The names of the other two that were shot have not been released but chances are I'll know them too.   I don't understand how or why someone feels they have to kill another person because of a hurt!  So sorry for all the families involved.  Perry is the last place you'd think something like this would happen.  I knew the family that used to own this dealership, been there, test drove a car there.....rode by it so many times.  You just never think something like this will happen to folks you know!  My prayers are for all involved!


  1. Life is getting harder and more unsafe as the days draw to the comng in the cloud of our Lord Jesus.....I pray that people who don't know Jesus will allow their hearts to soften to the calling of the Holy Spirit and repent of their sins and turn to the Lord...Oh how much better their lives will be knowing that the Lord love them....We, as believers, may not have a perfect life like some people think we should have, but we have a wonderful hope filled life in Christ...
    So sorry to hear about the shootings.
    But grateful to hear about how great a day you and your family had today....Such joy to watch that sweet Sarah walking in her walker....And the rest of the kids doing well...
    Love from NC

  2. Way to go Sarah! Sarah's life has changed again but so has yours :). You must be so happy!

  3. I am just in LOVE with the pictures of Sarah walking! She's come so far! It's so wonderful to see her walking :) God is ooo good!