Friday, February 7, 2014


This morning we had the final IEP meeting in relation to the three little ones schooling for this year. This 2 plus hour meeting went over all the recommendations and services they will receive.  I agree with the majority of it, just wanted Sarah and Sam to get O&M (orientation and mobility) more time than they get it weekly.  I'm glad to be done with meetings!!!!!  I'm sure the school board personnel are also glad to be done with us!  I do feel we have made better progress this year than any year since I've been dealing with the public school system.

One good idea that was brought up was the possibility of Sam and Sarah going to school next year using a McKay scholarship..  A McKay pays for a child to go to any school, public or private in the state of Florida, as long as the child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP)* or 504 Accommodation Plan.  It's a school choice program.  Our son's school takes Mckay scholarships.  So this idea was floated around today.  After I left the meeting I called our principal and talked to him about it.  We had discussed it after the girls were adopted and before the accident happened so he recalled our conversation.  The funny thing, one of my closest friends who works there had just talked to him about a special needs classroom, just yesterday!  And she and I had NOT discussed this since before the accident!  How funny!

So we had a good talk, I brought in their current IEPs and we are going from there......I'm even hoping that my close friend may end up as their teacher if this all works out!  To be honest, it is a good thing I'm going to a psychiatrist soon.......this is a big change for me to even seriously think about.  Sam has always had such underlying medical issues, that it is hard for me to trust anyone with him but I know I could trust if my friend was their direct teacher.  I've worried for Sarah that a school setting might seem more like an institution to her.  I don't want to freak her out emotionally. 

If this works out, then all the younger children would be in school.  Steve at college and Selah with her nurse....I may actually get some of my work done.  It would take off some of the stress but then replace it with some other type of stress.  LOL  I have ALREADY started worrying thank you very much:)  I bet that Sam has never been without me, Jon or Steve for anymore than maybe 24 hours of his life, I can only think of three times that I've left him with someone besides the three of us!  Sarah has been left twice for a few hours since we've had her.  Those are 2 of the 3 times I've ever left him.....   With a child that is non verbal, it is hard to leave them.  I've never really used many babysitters, even for Steve.

So my life may really be about to change!  We'll see how things go. 

Thanks for all the kind remarks I got regarding yesterday's blog.  I never know how people will take things.  So I never know if the comments/emails will be positive or negative.  Thanks for being positive!

It's a chilly rainy day in Florida.  We got Chinese for a late lunch and I'm ready to go fall out and sleep for a month:)  Steve and Shad went off to see a movie.  It's nice to have someone else driving, but I'm just letting him start to drive the kids without us in the van.  Selah is doing good. 

Hope you all have a good weekend and please remember Selah in your prayers!

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  1. Yay for a productive meeting! It's so nice to finally have things going the right direction. Sam and Sarah in school? What a big move! I'm so happy to hear that there's a possibility of something you're all comfortable with. If you're speaking of Kandi, I'd trust her with my children and anyone else's! She would be perfect :) I'm praying that things will work out if it's God's will, and that everyone will be at peace with the situation.