Sunday, February 16, 2014

Square Dance

Last night our family had a blast at an old fashioned square dance.  Jon & I both took square dancing during PE in high school.....but we learned that had been many  years ago LOL! It took us awhile to catch on.   But we had a blast.  I started out in heels, ended the night in tennis shoes and hardly being able to move!  (took 2 aspirins when I got home and put myself to bed!)  Loved seeing Steve dancing the night away with some friends.  Shad even got into it.  Shad was doing the "limbo".  There was also some line dancing, one dance I really caught on to, some of the other ones, were a bit too much for me.  What a fun night for our family.  Sam & Sarah sat and listened to the music.  When the hall cleared out some, we danced with them and Sarah walked all over in her walker. 
Here's me and Jon from the back:)
Today our church had a church luncheon.  Fun times but I'm so tired I feel like somebody beat me with a stick!  But it's been a great weekend, planning on going to bed early tonight!!!!
Everyone is doing good, we've had a wonderful weekend here in sunny Florida! 


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