Monday, February 17, 2014

Working on the garden

Today was a beautiful Florida day and we worked on the garden and yard.  As you can see I filled up our old van with 40 bags of mulch and 3 bags of compost.  On the second trip I got 5 more bags of mulch and 7 bags of compost and 3 bags of cow manure:)  Cow manure brings out the butterflies:)

I also bought some plants.  Cucumbers, tomatoes, collards, herbs, different kinds of lettuce and some marigolds for the garden (that helps keep bugs away) and some peonies to put in hanging baskets.  We also got a big climbing red flower vine.  I have no idea what it is but I love vines on our fence, it makes the yard seem cooler in the summertime. 

yes the van was full!
yep that is the back LOL!  I had to drive that home.  It was so heavy that one of the tires looked somewhat flat so I stopped and got air in it!  The guy a the tire shop was amazed I had so much in the van!  But I got it all home and we worked.
Pictures tomorrow.....didn't have time to get everything in the ground but got two beds planted.  I LOVE to plant!  Everything is so new and fresh and full of promise! 
Sarah is walking all over with her walker, it is something NEW for us to get used to.  Today she was adamant that she wanted to be outside with us working.  She sat on the big swing but loved being a big girl.   she is also learning to let go and STAND without holding on.  This is pretty new for her.  She has done that a little but now she is doing it numerous times a day!  Go Sarah Joy!
Tomorrow if my blog will cooperate, I will have pictures of the yard and garden and maybe the hard working gardeners (Shad and Steve!)  They did a good job today and I know they'll sleep good tonight!


  1. This so motivated me to get out and work the soil....if I could find it! My yard is under about 2 feet of snow at this point!! But thanks for the image!! Love it!! :) So proud of Sarah for her achievements!!

  2. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I have 6 inches of snow on my deck and you are putting in your garden! I'm glad because it gives me hope that spring will show up eventually but doesn't seem bizarre that you are shoveling manure and I'm shoveling snow on the same day?