Thursday, March 20, 2014

Adoptions closed in Crimea .....pray for Ukraine

Busy few days around here.....

first I want to remind everyone to vote....

we are at 2128 votes and the answer today is MORE THAN 600 dealers that is....  our local paper just emailed me and they are going to do a story to help us:)  YEAH!  Thank you all for your help too!



(Shad had fallen asleep all wrapped up.  Sam was asleep too)

I wanted to share those cute pictures.  Sam is now out of the car seat at 10 years old.  A few months ago, I had taken him out of it but then put him back in it LOL.  He is really too big for it so he sat like a big boy yesterday and it looks like the seat belts fit him correctly. 

I also took Sarah out of the car seat yesterday after these pictures were taken.  We had stopped at a store and when we got back in the van, part of her chest strap had come out from the back.  This is the 3rd time that has happened with this car seat so I decided to let her sit in the  regular seat.  She is the same size as Sam so the seat belt seem to fit her fine also.  She is 7.5 years old.  In the state of Florida the law is a child must be in a car seat until they are 5 years old. I actually called the Sheriff's office to make sure I was reading it right.   I had even kept Steve and Shad in car seats until they were about 6 years old themselves.   It's unnerving to me to take them out of car seats but since Sarah's  chest strap kept coming off, that bothered me more. 

Last night I got to go out with some great friends.  Two of my closest girl friends that I've made over the past few years AND my college roommate, who is moving to Florida soon.  We all had so much fun together and seemed like they all had been friends for a long time.  Friendships as so precious, and so vital to our lives.  After I left them last night, I just felt happy and loved:)    (and thankful that my husband put the kids to bed for me!)

Yesterday I also took the kittens to "get fixed"  UGH!  I hated to do it but it is a necessity.     They also got all their shots.  Last night they were mad at each other and growling.  It was cute.  The low cost vet place I go to Planned Pethood (they are awesome)  gave me meds to give them daily to help with the pain.  This morning they already seemed better and weren't so mad at each other.

Selah is doing better daily.  she has been off all her blood pressure meds for a week and her BP is perfect.  However her heart rate is a bit higher than normal but the doctor said it is normal and we need to quit watching the machine LOL!  It had gone up to the 130's when she has used the bathroom but the doctor also said if we had a probe on our finger tip, it would show our heart rate up when we pooped too!  I like her numbers to be perfect and always under 80 but he said that is not normal, that the heart needs to go up and down.  Selah has not had any 'storms" due to being off the meds.  Her new drug is in, the one to take to see if she will respond to more stimulation.  We will probably wait out the weekend and give it to her on Monday.  I don't want to see her heart rate up too high over the weekend.  All the nurses agree that she seems more alert off the BP meds.  For that I'm glad, I just get so nervous because I like STABLE and change is hard for me with her.  But I don't want anything to suppress her mind at all.  I'm so very thankful that she can be taken off both of the drugs (actually 3 doses-one drug was given in 2 different ways)  Selah is amazing to me, to think of how far she has come, gives me nothing but hope.  I know she has so far to go, but she has ONLY progressed in the past year.  So many kids like Selah regress, we have much to be thankful for that we have not had to deal with so many issues other have had to deal with. 


That was all our family news....but this is what is on my heart....

I read a report today from Ukraine Medical Outreach

This morning the Coalition for Children at Risk met in our flat. Roman Korniyko, Ukrainian President of the Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans was the guess speaker. As he spoke, it became clear, there is a humanitarian crisis beginning to unfold. In Crimea there are 22 orphanages with 3600 children. An eyewitness report from Roman's personal friend indicates Russian soldiers are being barr...acked in orphanages, as well as using these areas to store weapons and food. These developments raise two concerns, first using these children as human shields and second, the possibility of abuse, both physical and sexual. When Roman has spoken with officials, they acknowledge there is no plan to protect children in orphanages if military activity escalates. There are no plans for refugee camps. For children in Crimea, some say this is now Russia's problem. In Ukraine, the reality is there are no funds to do these things. The government has sharply decreased funding to the orphanages and encouraged the directors to find sponsors, close schools and kindergartens and decrease salaries. On the brighter side Roman was scheduled to meet with acting Ukrainian President Turchinov to discuss suggestions on how to care for Ukraines 118,000 orphans. We pray for God's mercy and help in bringing an end to this crisis affecting the peace of Ukraine and indeed the world.
I am sick in heart....God help those children.  The case that many of you have followed and given to of The Burman family, that is where their children are from Crimea....SO if Shelly hadn't been able to get those little boys out, they'd be stuck there now.  What a miracle to have left there just days before all adoption is closed down in Crimea. 
I commented on there since my family was mentioned in a negative light about adoption.  I rarely read comments on anything but happened to and saw the comment so I thought I would share and set the record straight.  . 
All the news coming out of Ukraine just makes me so thankful that Sarah and Selah are safe and at home with us.  I want to thank my friends and family who gave to help us adopt them.  And I want to thank folks that we don't know personally who gave too!   I just want to hug them and squeeze them, knowing they are safe, at home, with full bellies....
But for the ones left behind, all we can do is pray....But God is a merciful God, He will hear our prayers.   I pray for the believers in Ukraine, there will be dark days ahead. 
BTW, I do not think Putin is going to stop with Crimea, I don't think he is going to stop with Ukraine.  He wants the old Russian Empire back, that is his desire.   Just like Hitler, Putin wants world dominance.  He needs to be stopped. but in my opinion, our president is not a strong man who has the backbone to deal with a man like Putin.  I worry over the plight of the world.  I know God is in ultimate control but I foresee much suffering coming from all of this.   
My heart is heavy this morning......


  1. My sweet Yvonne, the Bible has told us that in the end days, there will be just what is going
    on now...We are at a crossroads and I believe the Lord will meet us in that cloud and the trumpet
    will sound...Oh our redemption is near....I will pray for all those precious treasures caught in the power struggle of a man who wants to run the world, just like Hitler did and several other leaders of countries have tried...GOD SEES...
    Rest in the knowledge that God's Word is TRUTH and we have HOPE in JESUS' return for us...
    A friend just got back from Ukraine not too long ago with a third treasure..Thank You Lord...
    Love from NC

  2. Oh this Crimea has our family so upset. We hosted two summers ago, a little 12 year old boy. He is now stuck there. We are not sure if our letters and packages ever made it in the past years and now are not sure how to even address the mail at all. He is 14 this April and we pray every night he is safe. But his town, Kerch, is literally right on the waterway to Russia. I try not to worry b/c there is nothing we can do and no way to reach him. But I also hear these reports of orphanages being taken over, money not coming in for food for them and I worry. The stories he told two years ago were horrible...I can't imagine what he would tell us now...

  3. From a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician: Florida has the most lax child passenger safety laws in the USA. Unfortunately, following the law is the bare minimum and does not mean kids are safe traveling that way. The vehicle seatbelts are made to fit adults and usually don't fit kids well until they are around 4'9" tall. From the pictures, Sam and even Shad would be much much safer in booster seats (and Sarah too). The way they are in the photos above, the lap portion of the seatbelt is cutting across the soft part of their abdomens. In a crash, that lapbelt would give them major internal injuries (lacerations to their stomach, intestines, liver, or spleen). Its called seatbelt sydrome and is very dangerous. The best way to know if your child is ready to be out of a booster is the 5 step test: 1. Can the child sit with their bottom at the back of the seat? Do their legs bend comfortably at the front edge of the seat? 2. Does the lap belt fit lot across the upper thighs/hip bones? 3. Does the shoulder belt cross the center of the chest and shoulder (not on the neck)? 4. Can the child stay seated like this the entire trip?

    I hope this is helpful information and not intrusive. I am just very passionate about keeping kids as safe as possible in the vehicle.

    Renee (mom to 4, 2 home made and 2 adopted from China)