Sunday, March 23, 2014

CMA Christian Motorcyclists Association

We had a great day with the Christian Motorcyclist Association  CMA.  I had ran to the store and was coming back when I saw all these motorcycles turn into our church's parking lot.  It was fun to see:)   So the place was packed, the service was rocking and we had a huge luncheon!  We had food left over, everyone ate, sat around and talked.  It was nice. 

I am exhausted but in a good way:)  So I don't have much to say tonight

Just wanted to remind you to vote-we're at 2,928, would love to see us go over 3000 tonight.  The answer to the extra vote question is FALSE!
Please go and vote!

Selah has done better the last 24 hours in keeping her heart rate in normal range.  Everything else is perfect with her. Thanks for your prayers, I'd be very happy if she could stay off this drug!  I was beginning to think she'd have to go back on but maybe not!

Oh and if you ever wonder about my neck/shoulder/back is still very much here!  Today I'm so sore it is pathetic!   And on top of the normal pain, I weeded the garden last evening so my hamstrings HURT!  Standing is not bad, sitting is fine but getting to either position is a killer!   But at least that will go away.  I have no idea what to think about my neck issues........

Anyhow hope you have a good close to your weekend and a great start to your week!

I included some pictures from today, of course my blog is acting up!!!!

the bikes

Guy leading worship

Guy, Sam and Rodney

see my baby girl in her biker outfit!

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  1. Love these pics! The diversity of people who attend your church is awesome! The body at its best! A hint about the voting....I just google the extra vote question and the mobility awareness website will come up with the answer for the day! Hope this helps your readers/voters!!! I'm going there now to vote for today (Monday).