Friday, March 21, 2014

Country Roads....

On the way to take Shad to school, I had to snap this picture.  You can see our "Scooby-doo  fog" That's what we call low lying fog.  I thought the sunrise was one of the prettiest I've ever seen, this picture does not do it justice. 
Since I was a child, I've been fascinated by roads....and the cars traveling down them....  Where are they going?  Where have they been?  Where does the road go?  I can remember lying in my "summer bed room"  It was the converted half of our front porch turned into a bed room with EIGHT windows around two sides of it.  We didn't have air conditioning but I would have all 8 windows opened and the fan on and it was wonderful.  The room faced the street, we lived on a corner so I'd watch the cars go past and wonder "what in the world where those people doing up so late?"   "Where are they going, where have they been"  and "I want to go too!"  We also lived near the train tracks and I thought the train was so romantic.  I thought it would be wonderful to ride across the country on the train.  Well, I got cured of that idea in Ukraine, after the night ride across Ukraine!!!  So roads and railways have always fascinated me, there was a longing to go and see the world. 
Now I sense that in my older son.  He is wondering what life will bring him, what road he will travel.  Oh I almost kills me to hear him talk about his future, away from us.  I never "got it" when parents talked about the empty nest.  Oh my gosh do I get it now!  Just the thought that he might live on the campus at college, instead of at home just makes me want to blubber!   But at the same time, I'm so excited for him!  What will his future hold?  He's has had a much more exciting life than I did at his age.  He has been to three different countries, stayed in Ukraine for 6 weeks, traveled all over the USA, been to all the major cities in the East.  I tell him all the time, that he has had LIFE experiences that few people his age have had.  Who knows what will happen next for him?
Sometimes I read of how parents will say things over their kids like " You will be a mighty man of God and do mighty things  for God. "  I don't say that over my kids or thing like that.  Not that I don't think my kids have a destiny in life, but sometimes being a "mighty man or woman of God" isn't as important as being a faithful Christian, a good husband/wife, a nice person.....  Maybe the "mighty things they will do for God" will be stop their car to pick up a turtle and get it across the road, or let someone go before them in traffic, or take the time to talk to an old lady..... somehow that seems more important to me. 
Whatever road is ahead for them, I hope they will enjoy the journey.  The journey may not always be an easy road, but I hope they find beauty in the detours, joy in the pot holes and always have hope for what lies around the bend. 
So do you want something to laugh about?  Today in my quest for health, I went to the dermatologist.  Everything was fine on my white body that I desperately tried to make become tan for far too many years.  However as the doctor was finishing the exam, she noticed something on the back of my knee....I was actually starting to get worried and then she said it was a TICK!   Yep, I was her first patient who she had to remove a tick from...EVER....!   Good thing I have a sense of humor as her assistant was saying things like "GROSS"  I was just cracking up!   She gave me a prescription for a medicine "just in case" of Lyme Disease but it's rare in Florida and the tick I had was not the kind it usually is in anyhow.  I had the BIG tick, not a tiny one.    Can you say with me "Only the  Clantons" 
Tonight a guy from our local newspaper came by, they are doing an article to help us win votes for  the wheelchair accessible van!   It should be out next week and I'll post the link on here.  My boys really liked this guy and he was a hoot.  We know some of the same folks, and have some of the same opinions. so we had some good laughs .
So if you get a chance to vote
we are at 2,494 votes!  Thank you!!!!!
the answer for the extra vote is
"a person with a disability" Question is "what kind of person needs a side entrance van?' or something like that....I can't remember:)  
I'd love to get to 2,700 by tomorrow!
Selah continues to have higher than normal heart rates.  At times I want to stick the Blood Pressure patch back on her, but her BP has been absolutely perfect and not as low.  I'm trying to hang in there until Monday, she is in no danger, but I feel uncomfortable when her resting heart rate is 110, it's just too high and her brain is not able to handle keeping it in check yet ( says Dr Yvonne)  I'm thrilled that her BP has been perfect, and the area of the brain that handles the BP and heart rate is right together, but it looks like the part that handles the BP is healed and dare I say normal!  While the heart rate is something she still needs help with.  All in all this is what we were told to expect, but it's been a week now and she hasn't evened out as much as we'd like to see.  I'd appreciate some prayers for her.  I really LOVE that the doctor took her off the meds, and I don't want to see her go back on anything but .....  her brain needs to start regulating her heart rate better.
Thank you all for all you do for us.  I really appreciate all of you.  Your care, concern and love does come across to our family.  I'm thankful for your prayers and kind words.  I think having this blog, has helped me tremendously on this journey of mine!  Have a great weekend and don't forget to VOTE! 


  1. I voted and I prayed. Have a good day!

  2. You might want to post earlier in the day today that the answer for the extra vote today is "bridged mechanisms", I vote early in the day so by the time you post at night I have already voted :-). I can try to put the correct answer in your comment section each day, sometimes I get it incorrect, so no extra vote :-(.