Saturday, March 15, 2014

Don't forget to VOTE!!!!!

We are at 904!  I'd love to open up the computer tomorrow morning and see us over the 1000 mark!

You can get TWO votes again today.......  The answer is TRUE  (but I've forgot the question LOL) 

PLEASE go and vote for LaLa!

Actually we did say if we win the van, we are going to put across the back window "La La's Van"  LOL   Sweet girl will have her own van.  We also do not plan on using it much unless she is in it.  We'd keep our other two vans (Jon's is 14 years old but a good work van and mine is much newer and our one for all the kids)  Selah's would be one, that we'd want to keep the mileage low on because we'd need it for years to come.  Most handicapped accessible used vans that we have looked at have been around $30,000 even with over 100,000 miles on them.  (for the record, we've never bought a NEW car that cost that much!!!!!!)  so this would be something we'd plan on using for years and years to take Selah to appointments, to the park, to therapy......  What a difference it would make in her life!!!!

I'll tell you last Wednesday when we took her to the neurologist....  Our nurse carried her out to the van and strapped her in the middle passenger seat, it reclines so we put pillows around her.  she is just too big for the carseat anymore.  Then he took the wheelchair and put it in the back.  We drove there, took out the wheelchair )it's a deep area behind the rear seat so you have to pull the darn thing out and it is heavy)

Then we had to put her in the chair, IN THE RAIN.  You can't just throw her in, she has to be buckled in and the medical office, didn't have an overhang. 

Then after the LONG appointment, we had to take her out of the chair, position her in the car and put the wheelchair back in the back...... drive home.....and just take her out of the car and carry her to her room....come back for the wheelchair later.....

It would be so nice to just put her in the chair at her bedside , wheel her out....wheel her into the van and go.....I can't even imagine how much easier it would make her life  (and ours !)

Thank you for your votes and your help!  We would NOT be at 904 with YOU!!!!!!

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