Saturday, March 15, 2014


Well my possibly possessed blog page is at it again.  For several days, I had no problems loading we are back to being crazy!   What I see is only two pictures, then I save and publish the blog and I can see all the ones I've uploaded, but in different sizes.....UGH!!!

These are pictures of my husband's family/MY family after the memorial service of my sister in law's dad (she is married to one of Jon's brothers)  We also have one of our close friends & her son in the pictures too.  They are family to us also.

The service was perfect for Mr Addison, I'm sure he would have liked it.  He was 86 and in decent health.  He sat down to watch tv last week, and passed away in his chair.  He lived a full long and interesting life.  So it wasn't a tragic funeral BUT it is never easy to say goodbye to someone you love dearly as my SIL and her kids loved him. 

A funeral always reminds us of eternity, and of what is REALLY important in this life.  You know what is important?  Our relationships with each other.  Nothing else matters at all.  As you see our picture is missing a few kids of ours, my friend Jackie's husband and their daughter....  add all of them and that is a huge part of my life. I want to hold close & dear to me these ones who matter the most. 

We  also look back at funerals.  At Mr Addison's we heard of his years of playing professional baseball and his childhood in Philly.  The slideshow had pictures of his parents, brother and early pictures of Val and his brothers too....  Pictures are very meaningful to me.  Sometimes I will stare at a picture and remind the moments that went on before it and the ones after it.....

It made me think back again to the ones in my life, the ones who have lived LIFE with's all about relationships......     so hold your people close, don't let things come between you.  It's not always easy to be close to people, but be there for each other.  Cause it all comes down to relationships. 

At the end of our lives, jobs, money, homes, cars, even ministry won't matter, it will be the relationships that you treasure the MOST!


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