Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday Sam

Happy 10th birthday Sam....just a little late!  Now the blog is allowing me to upload pictures again.

Here is Sam with his favorite soup at Olive Garden, his favorite restaurant!

He was being sung to by the staff and us and he was so excited, can't you tell?
Present time!

It's a Ipod and nice can tell he was quite happy.  Sam loves music, any type, southern gospel, Christian hip hop...  He LOVE LeCrae and Toby Mac:)



Shad and Jon



Go Sarah go!!!!
Here are pictures from his real Birthday!
On our way to the hospital for a scheduled C-section.  I wanted a picture of my boys "together" Justin case...
Just moments after his birth!



Steve just an hour later in the NICU with Sam
the next morning our first family picture
My brother in law took this picture...
then he took this picture below....
the MOMENT Sam opened his eyes and I knew something was very very wrong....



Look how little they both were ....Steve was so thoughtful in this picture. 

Well it's almost a month late, but I'm glad I finally got these pictures on here.  I love Sam and am thankful every day for his life.  He has blessed us with more than anyone would ever know!

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