Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Garden and over 1.5 million hits:)

My garden was happy happy happy with all the rain we got yesterday. 
Above you can see potatoes on the bottom left, collards on the bottom right
then more potatoes on the top left
onions and squash on the middle right
the top right is peppers and squash
here is lettuce and some herbs, also in the top left side, is some watermelon coming up from seeds
Collards anyone???  This whole box of collards was less than $4 and I will have 20x what we need.  This is a good veggie for me to share.  Collards is a southern food.  I LOVE the smell of it cooking, I'm not too much into eating them but Jon tells me I cook them just right LOL



Almost 3 inches of rain from yesterday.  WOOOHOO!  Love the rain, nothing can grow a garden better than a full day of rain!

And more collards....I'll be sharing this summer!

I love my garden, it is just so much fun to work it and watch it grow.  I know it sounds nerdy but being out in the garden sooths my soul.  Plus we get good exercise and good food out of it.  People ask me if I save money by having a garden.  I really don't think I do for the most part (except for the collards) but I do all my gardening organically so I know exactly what is in it.  Plus there is nothing like going out and pulling some carrots, onions and potatoes to make your own stew.  Or cutting your lettuce, tomato and pulling up an onion to make a salad!  It's so much fun!

I put the wood mulch in between the square foot gardens to keep the grass out from between them so walking is easier AND to keep grass away from the SFG, so there is less weeding.


Don't know if you noticed, but my blog has now over 1.5 million hits!  CRAZY:)  Thanks to all of you for coming back and checking on us!  I really appreciate it!

NOW if those 1.5 million hits could translate into 1.5 million VOTES......


the answer today is WAV = wheelchair accessible vehicle

You can vote daily, please post and share.  I'd love to be over 2000 votes by tomorrow!    We'd only need about 200 people to vote and get the extra vote to make it!   She has 1,684 right now....Please vote and get the extra vote tonight.  I sign in thru the FB symbol as that is the easiest for me.  It takes just 1 minute to do the whole thing.  Thank you so much!!!!

Speaking of Selah, her BP is still perfect without the BP meds but her heart rate is still a little high off and on.  During the day today it's been the best it's been since we took her off the meds last Thursday.   We are so thrilled the doctor felt she no longer needed the extra medicine.  Her body is just adjusting to doing the job of regulating her heart rate on her own.  The med was originally given to help her control her BP and heart rate. Evidently it is easier for her brain to handle the BP, she is working on the heart rate but all in all doing fine.  We are proud of our strong Selah! 

Every doctor tells me how it is not usual for kids "like Selah" to go OFF of meds....most kids keep having meds added on for various reasons.  We are so very thankful that Selah keeps being taken off of meds and doing good.  Thank God!  It's a great thing to see her body/mind began to work a little better and not need a med that she has been on since the accident.  Now she is just on a med to prevent reflux, 2 meds for spacity of her limbs, and the inhaled antibodic every other month.  She does have prescriptions for meds IF she needs them like Valium and Clondine.  She is also still on the fish oil study and is given olive oil also daily.  It's pretty amazing!   Please keep praying for Selah.  She should be starting the new pill this week to see if it will "wake her up"  It had to be ordered.

Thanks for all you guys do for us, the kind thoughts and prayers, the sweet emails and comments.  All the voting and sharing:)  Thanks for visiting back daily.....


  1. Still voting!! Glad you are "sharing" the answer for the extra vote early every day!! LOL! And of course we continue to pray for Selah and share her story with anyone who will listen. I believe that her miracle is still in the works! She is doing so well! (((HUGS)))!!!

  2. Shared your link!!! Glad to hear Selah is doing well with positive adjustments with her meds. May god continue to touch her and bring healing each day