Friday, March 14, 2014

High School

I'm afraid I'm going to sound like a broken record before long BUT......PLEASE GO VOTE!  We're at 657 and getting behind.  I've not looked on the site at others because I don't want to feel like I'm trying to beat someone else specifically  but one of my friends did, just to see if we were ahead.  We're about in the middle....I really need your help to win this for Selah.  Handicapped Accessible vans are very expensive, much more than we could afford, we've looked into it already.   We also looked at the possibibly of converting our newer van into one but the cost is still high and we'd lose one or two seats and that wouldn't work since there is so many of us and when Selah travels, she must have the nurse with her.  Our other van is 14 years old LOL and we don't' trust it out of town!  So please go and vote daily.  Some days you have the possibility of voting 2x.  Today the answer to the question is CONVERSION! 

Please share our link with your friends on FB and email lists....if you belong to a civic organization please share it with them too.  We'd really appreciate it!

AND THANKS FOR THE  657 votes we have thus far!!!!!!


Steve and I spent the day together at his friend's house.  He is FINISHED with ALL his high school work!!!!!!!!  Today he finished his computer science class, he was able to get some help from his friend who is an expert on all things computer!  I had a GREAT day talking with his mom. who has been a friend for a long time but I'm just now getting to know her better.  This large family lives on some of the most beautiful farm property in the state of Florida.  Florida actually has some ridges and the one in our area is so pretty, I love Florida, but this area doesn't look like Florida with small rolling hills.  I have to really watch my "envy" when I'm at their home!  LOL  It's one of the prettiest places around.  They have started a small farm and it was neat to see a new baby calf.  For some crazy reason I also tried to pet a bull LOL, when his mouth came towards my hand, I reconsidered !!!!  It was a nice peaceful day.  Jon took care of the little ones, and did his sermon today.  I think I owe him!

Our church is taking up an offering for Ukraine on Sunday and the boys were working on doing a dvd off ALL of our videos and pictures of Ukraine.  I watched all of them, some for the first time in over a year.  To watch Selah walk, make her funny little noises....I just broke down and sobbed in front of all the family.   So glad I have those little memories but my God, I miss her so much.  I wanted to reach through the screen and take her hand.  Please still pray that we'll get that miracle for her.  I'd be glad to give up a handicapped accessible van and anything else we could ever be given, for her to come back to us......

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  don't forget to vote daily for Selah but more importantly, pray for her daily!!!!!!  Thank you all!!!!!!

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  1. So hope you guys win!! I'll be voting and shared on my fb page too...and yes, I shamefully went through a few pages to see where you guys stood too :)
    Your support for Ukraine is so amazing - they truly need it. We pray daily for our host boy who is in the furthest reaches of Crimea. Funny how at first I said, he is so far from all the hubbub, now he is in the middle and we are so worried.
    Thanks for always sharing your emotions and truths...we are all human and feelings are part of it. Hope your weekend is fun and restful!