Monday, March 24, 2014

I can have worms, I can have ticks but I can NOT have a bad haircut!
please go and vote and share......
the answer today is ZERO EFFERT STEERING! 

All is good here, just been running all day long.  Got some funny things to share, maybe tomorrow?  Tomorrow is a bit crazy too....taking all three little ones to the GI .... should be fun.  Each child will have a primary caregiver with them LOL.  Aaron our nurse/monk will have Selah, I'll have Sarah and Steve will have Sam.  I have never tried to take all three of them to the doctor at once, I'm sure I'll have something funny to doubt!

Last week I got the hair cut from first I thought I was just so uncool that I wasn't styling it right....then I hoped that my hair was just "in shock"....NOPE it is a god awful hair cut.  I tried several days to deal with it but today had to call the shop and complain.  I've been going there for years.  The manager fixed my do that looked quite a bit like a "mullet" by cutting my hair very very very short.  I am sick and considering a wig!  The shop gave me all kinds of products to use on my hair to help it to grow and the manager will trim it and work on it for free until we can get it back to normal.  It is awful, just awful and I do know in the scheme of all the world's suffering that my bad hair cut is not a big deal but it actually made me cry today.  I told our nurse and physical therapist as I left for the salon "I can have worms, I can have ticks  BUT I can NOT have a bad haircut!   Southern girls from the 80's have a thing about their hair! 

Anyhow it is a zoo at my house today and tomorrow....crazy times!  Just got too much going on.

Thanks for your prayers and vote! 


  1. Oh, I feel your pain! I got my worst haircut ever on New Year's Eve and its just now looking a little better. I'm not sure how "just a trim" resulted in a near-scalping, but it was awful! I wore lots of knitted hats, and I took Biotin, which may or may not have helped, but I had to feel like I was doing something!

  2. Remember, it's growing all the time and will eventually be back where you want it!

  3. Just could be even worse...and more permanent! Take a look:

    1. that made me burst out laughing!!!!!!!!!