Friday, March 28, 2014

Merry go Round
the extra vote answer is DEEP DISH - as in steering NOT pizza. 
And YES you can vote DAILY
YES you can vote from any country!
Thank you so much!!!!!

Jon had a bunch of doctor appointments this week.  He had several heart tests done on him, nothing invasive, just a stress test, nuclear stress test, EKG and a sonogram of his heart.  All were great, no issues.  Jon's family history with heart disease is just awful so he has always been careful and is an avid exerciser.  He also has watched his fat intake since before we were married.  I remember him eating a Lean Cuisine when we were dating.  (we'd never eat something like that now LOL!)

Now we still watch our fat intake but we are a bit more concerned about eating organically   When we were younger, I ignored his healthy food habits but as I got older, I realized I'd better follow his lead!  I always say if I wasn't married to Jon, I'd be about 600 pounds.  He is such a healthy eater, he has won me over BUT I still have to have my fried chicken every now and then! 

He went to the dermatologist this morning and had to have a precancerous growth burned off his ear.  Jon is also such the careful one with wearing hats, long sleeves, sunscreen while I am NOT!  I still like to get sun still thinking I might ONE day have a tan LOL!~   But somehow he had a little place on him.  I was surprised. 

Anyhow I'm making sure he sees the doctors too, it's been two years since we had gone to a doctor for anything so we're making up for it. 

Tuesday morning is my "big" day, to have the biopsy done of my thyroid.  The doctor tried to reassure me that most are non cancer.  For me, everyone I know who has had a biopsy, it has been cancer.....  maybe I'll be lucky and not have to deal with that, I sure hope so. 

After Jon's little procedure, we took our van in for a oil change and to have the back up camera replaced.  Where we go is right near a mall, so we took the kids too.  We all had a great time.  Sam loved the merry-go-round, I think he needs his own one. I did some more clothes shopping, which is really not me at all but I just have to blame it on the fact it is spring, almost Easter and everyone has grown!  Yesterday I had gotten Sarah's, Sam's, Shad's, Steve's and my Easter outfit.  Today I found Selah's and it is perfect and comfy, can't have a dress with a big bow to bother her.  I also found me a few things too LOL! 



Sam and daddy....


this picture is the calm before the storm....

the storm!

they were going so fast, I couldn't watch them!  Sarah loved it

Look at Sarah's pretty hair and she had on the cutest outfit, a little Sailor long shirt with leggings to match.  I should have taken a better picture of her!

fun times!



Here is a sweet picture of Sam from the other night.  He loves listening to his Ipod! 
And here are the little sisters!
they both got "fixed" last week- neutered/spayed whatever you call it
they did great.  For the first time I was given take home meds and it really seemed to help them just bounce back, we love that they are usually up and running, sweet babies!

they love each other AND my bed!

I have to say we have enjoyed these little girls! What good kittens they've been, hardly any trouble and so sweet.
A really close friend of mine has started a blog.  This friend is really smart and I love his/her ideas.  The writer is remaining anonymous at this time.  So I won't let the 'cat out of the bag" but I think it will be an interesting, thought provoking blog!  Go visit it!
I want to write an anonymous blog so bad.  You have NO idea!  Cause if I wrote exactly what I WANT to write about, I'd probably have no friends left.  I'd probably have 5 million hits but no friends - I think I'd better stick with having friends!   I don't want to write anything mean, don't get me wrong, just very honest and what I really think about a lot of things....
Tonight I have a date with TWO men, Steve & Shad, we are going to the movies and Jon is going to watch the little ones.  He's not too keen on watching The Muppets ( that I love!) We also want to go see "God's Not Dead!"  Maybe we'll see that tomorrow.  I LOVE going to a movie, something about a theater and the popcorn.....I just love it!
Have a great weekend!  Thanks for your prayers, thoughts and votes:)


  1. Really 600 pounds? Im a mom over 600 pounds i felt awful after reading your post anyway i just had lapband surgery about 8 weeks ago i will try not let the 600 pound mark everyone uses to hurt me anymore! ♡♥

  2. Wow i felt awful when u said 600 pounds because im over that weight! Thank goodness i got lapband surgery about 7 weeks ago! Dont be so insensitive! Maybe. You never thought a 600 pound plus person was voting multiple times for your van for yout sweet daughter!!

  3. Dont make fun of 600 plus people! Thank goodness i got lapband surgery!

  4. Please forgive me but I didn't mean that as a joke but it is the truth. Jon's healthy eating habits have encouraged me to eat much better than I was taught growing up. We ate alot of fried food that is still my comfort food. So I didn't mean that as a joke at all. I'm glad u got your surgery. Ho exciting for u! Maybe u should write a blog sharing with others your journey. I bet it would be inspirational. When I was in high school/ college I had an eating disorder. It was hard for me to eat normally. Best of luck to you!!!! I'd love to hear from you again & I'm serious about writing a blog!