Monday, March 31, 2014

Answer for extra vote is the top one
Contact a NMEDA dealer.....

Mondays are the time to hit the ground running for me!  Got Steve signed up for the ACT ( OMG_is all I can say!  I think if you can get signed up, you should be able to pass the stupid test with a perfect score-what a pain!)  Did the computer work for Shad's reoccurring scholarship from Step Up for Students, did the yearly Sunbiz report for the church on line, touched base with the admission's department of the university that Steve is going to next year....made a dozen or so calls regarding various things AND cooked chicken parm, garlic bread and tortellini ....I've been productive today!  Let me hold on to it for a few more minutes.....

Well I got a call saying my biopsy has been moved from Tuesday to times, at least I know my time with one of my BFF's (Traditional Tuesday) won't be touched!!!  I had already imagined me telling the doctor to hurry up cuz it was time for me to meet my friend for lunch!  Have to have those priorities  straight!

I have about 5 blogs inside of me but I'm too wasted by the time I get a chance to sit down to do them  Right now its 6 pm, supper is done (I actually already ate some since I hadn't eaten all day) it's time for Jon to come home mind is running but I'm tired and Sarah wants mommy to "hold me!"  Lord if she ever starts talking, that will probably be what she says all the time.  She'd love for me to do one of those baby carriers, strap on thingys.....but she got an old mama with a sore neck and back so my holding is sitting in "our" chair with her!    (Btw, my neck has been terrible but I started using cold wraps on my neck and that has helped again.  I think the heat bothers it even tho it seems like I want the hot packs or heating pad.  And my foot still hurts from the "little procedure" Whine Whine whine......)

Here's some adorable Sam pictures from Sunday  He was "talking" to me, I had walked him up on stage, on the steep handicapped ramp and he didn't like it.  He was mumbling and making his cute little sounds to tell me that:)


Sam's so cute:)

Well hope you all have a good night, VOTE if you can!!!!  THANKS!

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  1. Prayers for you that everything checks out ok! Cute, cute, cute pics of little Sam!!!