Monday, March 10, 2014

More Updates

Well I took a little mini break from blogging this weekend.  But I'm back with all kinds of updates.....Everyone is doing fine here in the Clanton home.  Monday is a busy day and we've all got our new week groove on:)


This morning I started receiving text messages and emails/PMs from friends to tell me that Evangelist Steve Hill has passed away after a decade long battle with cancer.   I'm not much into "big name " preachers....but Steve Hill was a man of God, who did not change from the man who was when he preached in Teen Challenge to the man who preached to hundreds of thousands of people.  His message never changed, it was Jesus and the Cross.  He never had a hint of scandal, he was for real.  When I heard of his death, I thought of an old church hymn we used to sing, "Heaven's Jubilee"  The chorus says "Oh what singing, oh what shouting on that happy morning when we all shall rise, Oh what glory, hallelujah when we meet our blessed Savior in the skies"  I can't imagine the welcome he got last night when he stepped into eternity.  He has led so many people to Christ and to a fuller relationship with Him.  I know he heard "well done thy good and faithful servant"   His wife and children are in many people's thoughts and prayers tonight.

some articles about Steve

here are a bunch of videos of Steve's sermons, check them out!  I loved the way that man preached.

His sermons stir my heart and make me want to draw closer to God!


Well thanks to Denise, Selah has been entered into a contest to win a new handicapped accessible van!!!!!  Thank you so much Denise!   The voting will start tomorrow.  I will get the exact link and put it on here tomorrow morning.  You can vote daily from your email account.  Please vote for Selah, it would change her life to be able to get out easier.  Right now just going to the doctor is stressful.  She is put in her wheelchair or carried to the van and put in the second row of seats with her chair leaned back and surrounded by pillows.  The wheelchair has to be loaded into the back of the van, picked up and set down in the back, very hard.  Then when we get there, we unload the wheelchair and have to put her into it outside in whatever kind of weather.  And Repeat.....  I know the nurses will also be so glad for Selah to get a van that is easy for her to ride in.  We said if we win it, we'll put a big sticker on the back that says "La La's van"! 

the web address to the contest is www.mobilityawarnessmonth/com   you can go and look up Selah Clanton, after tomorrow I'll have a direct link to her page.   You can't see it or vote till after 3 am EST.    I'm so excited and my fingers are crossed that we are selected to win one!


Also I wanted to share a bit more about HB 895  I shared about it in great detail in my last post.   The next step  is getting the bill on the agenda for the K-12 Subcommittee, which is Chaired by Representative Janet Adkins.  Her number is 850-717 5011, you can leave a message in support of the HB 895 also know as the  Ethan Rediske Act!


More tomorrow:)

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