Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Crazy Day

Do you ever have "one of those days"?   Well I just had one today!

Yesterday was a perfect day, we took Sarah with us to our sister in law's dad's memorial service, she was perfect in a new dress, behaved perfect.....we looked like we had it all going on in the parenting department....Fast forward 24 hours.........

This morning started out fine, I got the little ones bathed and dressed for church, blow dried Sarah's hair, got a bow in it.  She had on a new black & white sundress with colorful flowers on it.  Sam had on his little black & white suit.  Ironed the older boys' clothes, they both looked good.  The nurse had Selah bathed and dressed nice.  We make it to church early.  I helped Steve do a new song for our worship service on the computer so it would go up on the screen. I'm meeting and greeting everyone....

It went straight downhill from that point on.  As the worship began, one of the guys came to tell me he thought Sarah might need a diaper change.....I went to pick her up from her spot  in the altar area and checked....well my son and one of my best friends said I said a word that should not be uttered in a church, by a pastor's wife.  At that point the music minister loudly began playing the piano.....there was POOP all over the floor....the NEW carpet.....  I did not even know what to do!  Another friend came and helped me walk Sarah out so we wouldn't' get poop anywhere else, while my other friend cleaned the carpet.  I had to clean Sarah from just about head to toe and throw everything into the washer.  We go back in church, and as I walked in, Selah started spitting up mucus, so I put Sarah down, and ran and got paper towels to clean Selah up. 

Things settle down for a few minutes, then Sarah pooped again and I took her to change her and just went home with her.  The nurse came over to, since Selah was bringing up all this mucus (which is good) 

Then after church we go out to eat.  Sarah got so excited that she fell out of her chair, just spun right out of it.  Sam was beyond grumpy....go to put Sarah in the car, she'd pooped again.....had to change her the parking lot. 

We drive up to our house and there are TWO police cars there and our nurse outside....I fell out of the door of the van thinking something had happened to Selah....  Thank God they were there because the church's alarm was going off.  Someone (my oldest son) had left the church door unlocked but the alarm system on.  Someone had come up to the church and opened the door and left when the alarm went off.  Nothing was taken but it was a good scare!

I go back to the house, Selah had to go on oxygen, because for some strange reason her oxygen levels are dropping.  She is not sick, we think she may have a mucus plug.  I should say we don't' think she is sick.    Not sure if I shared but the new neurologist took her off of two meds that worked on her blood pressure.  she had needed it right after the accident but her BP is always low now and which means her body can regulate her own BP and she doesn't need extra help.  Right now her BP is perfect, but her heart rate is a little high but still fine.  We think it will all level out after awhile.  Right now we are all just watching her to make sure things are ok.

So this has been one crazy day.....all I want to do is to go to sleep! What a day.

Hope you got a good laugh, we laughed too.  I really don't believe I said what I was accused of saying BUT I can't be positive.....LOL

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  1. More than likely, the word you *might* have used would have been an accurate description of the substance emanating from Sarah! *wink!*

  2. Hope today was a little bit calmer (: