Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Neurology Appointment, Piano lessons and PLEASE VOTE

Selah's neurology appointment with her new doctor was today.  It was an hour and half doctor appointment with the doctor himself.  He was very different in a great way.  He was very personable and even offered us coffee:)  He took the time to go back in her history, past the accident to get a good idea of who Selah is.  He may have found the diagnosis for the ORGINAL delay, we have to do some testing first.  He is FOR HBOT!!!!!!   He also is going to try a stimulate med on Selah to see if she will show more awareness.  He is definitely "cutting edge"  He is willing to try things and discuss things with me.  So different than the neurologist we'd been seeing.  He also took her off the blood pressure meds as most of the time her BP is low.  He is trying her on a med that will help her muscle spasticity as well.  So I'm thrilled with this guy!  In fact, I'm scheduling Sam and Sarah to see him. 

He also wants to go over her records and has told me some info to get that will give us a better idea of where Selah could possible go. 

Tomorrow we will start the new meds, I wonder when/if we'll see some changes.

So it was intense, and I'm exhausted mentally and physically.  He did not offer us a cure or much hope, he was realistic but he is willing to try some different things just to see if there might be changes. 


Shad did such a good job yesterday at his FIRST piano lessons.  I was shocked how fast he caught on to everything.  He answered every question right, found the keys she asked for and just did super. I really liked the teacher, she is young but totally explained things in an easy to follow way. 

You know he has to get his grin in!


We are at 288 votes, I have a couple of thousand hits a day on here, if everyone could vote, I'd really appreciate it !  Today was such a long day for Selah and included us loading and uploading her three times out of her chair, into the car seat and back.  She was just exhausted.  It would have been so much easier if we had a van that we could just wheel her chair into the van and snap it into place.  Plus today it was raining so we had to get her out of the car, and into her wheelchair IN the rain.   I felt very discouraged today in that aspect!
So please vote and share! 

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  1. ive voted twice so far and i have shared it on my face book page i really hope it helps good luck