Wednesday, March 26, 2014

News Interviews

Crazy busy day again......  real quick...the answer is 79-how many medals.....

here is the interview from last night
After the long day I had, I can't believe I was even coherent!

Today I had a call from Bay News 9 and they also came and interviewed us:)   I was a bit more coherent today, than last night but I don't see that link up yet.


Today was spent in arranging all the appointments/tests that the GI specialist wants the kids to have done!. My "to do" list continues to grow, as soon as I get one thing marked off two more have taken its' place.  There truly seems to be no end in sight.  My goal is to have everything done/scheduled/filled out/sent in May 1st.....Please don't hold your breath cause I sure ain't:)    Between the church and our family, from setting up appointments to doing college scholarship paperwork....I don't know f i'm coming or going!    Having 5 kids at so many different stages of life is not the easiest thing in the world!!!

So just when we think things are perfect with Selah she does something different.  There was some info our new neuro wanted me to get from NY so I had called the doctor that handled most of her care there.  I went outside to talk and was telling her all the good things Selah has been doing, walk back inside and Selah's heart rate is 160!  YIKES!  BUT the funny/good thing is that she is not storming at all.  She's not upset, not red or sweaty.  So we really do not know what to think.  She calmed down to the 120's and I asked the nurse to put her in her stander and her heart rate returned to near normal.  We are going to have the company that supplies her machine that measures her heart rate and oxygen level to come out and look at the machine to ensure it is measuring correctly.  The nurse did count and her heart rate was high today and her blood pressure low for a short time.  But she seems absolutely fine now.

The info I got from our sweet doctor in NY was about Selah's PH level when she arrived in the ER.  The PH level that they want to see is 7.0, Selah's was makes a huge difference.    For a long time I had wondered WHY the ER doctors worked so hard and gave her FOUR shots to her heart. (at the time we wanted them to fight!!)   Of course I didn't understand at the time of the accident what kind of damage could happen but I do now.  So once I understood everything, I had to wonder why the doctors knowing how bad brain damage could be would keep working on her.  NOW I truly understand why, she was so close....  There are other factors that can foretell the outcome of a near drowning but the PH is a big one.  So my heart just broke all over again at what "might have been"  Maybe if she'd gotten there 2 minutes sooner....she was so close to having a good number.   I don't read alot on the internet about near drownings.  The only things I look into are CURES, things we can try, studies, therapies etc.....I dont' get into the groups, I don't really want to hear alot of stories, I"m living my own story and that is hard enough.  But I researched things a little and it just broke my heart all over again.

Every now and then for a minute or two I dream of how our life would be 'if only"   Would I appreciate it like I think I would?  Of course I think I'd appreciate the heck out of it.  Oh God, I can just imagine, Selah right up in the middle of everything....making a mess with her toys, wanting to stay outside and play, looking at herself in the mirror with her new dress on...grabbing a piece of pizza....laughing ...

Hearing the numbers, reading the various reports, it just hurt me all over again.  Didn't expect that, it came out of nowhere, I was just curious and getting the info for the doctor.

I am thankful for so much with  Selah, so thankful that she is very stable overall and coming off of meds.  I'm thankful that she seems very content.  I'm thankful for all the people in her life that are helping us to give her the very best life possible.....I am thankful that we still have her with us...I just can't help wanting her back to us 100%.  Thank you for all the prayers you have prayed for her, please keep praying.......

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  1. I thought you were totally coherent in the interview! AND I know it's not on my head but I think your hair looks great! Today is Thursday and the extra vote answer is TRUE! Still praying!!