Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pictures from today!

You know I'm always trying to get a good family picture.....
YES Selah is standing.  She stand daily in her stander so I thought I'd try it.  It was great to feel her standing.  No she can't do something like that without support, the braces keep her legs straight.  I could feel her little back against me and she relaxed into me.  It's hard to explain it but she felt very natural, not stiff.  It did seem to make her tired but I loved having her up for about 5 minutes and holding her against me.   


we were laughing at our music pastor and our drummer who were making silly noises!
Here is some garden pictures.  The new SFG are not done yet.


we did this bit of landscaping yesterday

I am shocked that the pictures actually worked!  YEAH!

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  1. This top picture would make a good blog header picture! Very nice pictures.