Thursday, March 27, 2014

We need 30,000 votes!  the answer is true uptil midnight tonight

Thank you for overwhelms me so I appreciate anyone who takes the time to vote! 

This week has been so busy for me, I've gotten so much done but have so much left undone.  I am just feeling soooo overwhelmed again.  I've ran all week and yet need another week to catch up from this week.

As far as the contest goes....thank you all!  I think we need to be around 30,000 to have hopes of winning.  You all have done so much, but we have a long way to go.  Thank you for all your efforts.  We were on two tv stations in this area and I think we are in the local paper today, I've not had a chance to get one.  Voting goes on till May 9th or so so we have plenty of time to  build up. 

Today was another crazy long day for me.  One thing I had to do was go to the foot doctor.  The day before we left for NY (when the accident happened) I had major foot surgery both cutting surgery and laser surgery.  Things had been fine until just recently.  So today I thought I'd have to have the laser again and let me tell you that HURT the first time I had so I was NOT looking forward to it.  However he scrapped my foot and put something on it, which was much better.  I have some type of werid planter's wart (I know I spelled it wrong, it's too late to look up)   It looks like a little piece of a pencil head or something like that.  The first time I went to this guy, it was my THRID surgery in just a few weeks time as I had something resting on a nerve, and there is nothing like nerve pain!  He extracted something that looked just like a big molar.  I never got the pathology report back since we were in NY and things were so crazy.  So I asked him today and he remembered it since he'd never seen anything like that, he told me it was also classified as a planter's wart.  But it looked just like a molar!  He said he hadn't forgotten that LOL

I'm too tired to get really deep but this was the first time I was back in his examining  room  since the accident.  The last time I was in there, was the day before we left for NY and I brought Selah with me.  She was so cute, I even remember the outfit she was wearing......  She sat and watched me scream.  She even laughed some.  When I walked in, everything was in the same spot, including the chair she set in.  The surgery was just 6 days before the accident.....  the last time I went somewhere with just me and Selah.  Everything brings back memories to me!

How do some parents stand it?  We only had Selah for 13 weeks before the accident happened and it feels like EVERYTHING I do, reminds me of "BEFORE"   What if we'd had her the whole 7 years and then the accident happened?  How do they stand it?  Just the little time we had before is so poignant for me. Every little thing, every place.....

Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and day I'll actually write a real blog post.  I have some really funny stories to share, just some off the wall things that have happened to us lately.  Maybe this weekend I can catch my breath. 


  1. I keep on forgetttting to ask: can we as readers from other countries vote as well or is it only for US citizens? I'm from South Africa and read your blog almost daily.

    1. Yes you can vote:) Wow thanks for reading!

  2. Answer for today's question (3/28, Friday) = deep dish steering

  3. I tried to register to vote on two separate occasions. They tell me I will receive an email verification in order to vote, but never receive anything. Any ideas?

  4. I have tried to register to vote on two separate occasions. Each time it tells me I will receive an email link to vote. I have never received the email. I have checked my spam and all. Any ideas?