Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What A Day!

My FB post.....

WHAT a DAY! Three kids in to see the new GI (love the doctor-thanks Tammy for the info on her!) Had to sit between Sam and Sarah in the van for an hour plus as he likes to pull her hair and she cries like a girl LOL! (...sibling rivalry at its' best! I could make a joke if I wasn't so wasted about blind kids pulling each others hair-it's just funny) Got home, picked up Shad got all new meds, took him to piano lessons, got home had new "brain trauma therapist" for Selah, Steve left for his piano lessons  in the middle of cooking supper, get call from Ch 10 wanting to do an interview about the van contest. I have the WORST ever hair cut of my life, Jon had a problem at the prison, couldn't leave, Probably the worst tv interview of my life. I couldn't get my thoughts together, kittens running all around...children squealing...it was just crazy LOL Finally got everything done, it's 10pm and I'm trying to vote I have no idea what the answer is for the extra vote (it's Horizontal Steering Column  thanks Betty!!!)    Thank you all for voting. I have never been so tired in a long time. What a day!
http://www.mobilityawarenessmonth.com/entrant/selah-clanton-zephyrhills-fl/  the answer for the next two hours for the extra vote is....Horizontal Steering Column
Lisa Buie wrote an article for the Tampa Times about us:
http://www.tampabay.com/news/humaninterest/zephyrhills-family-in-online-contest-to-win-wheelchair-accessible-vehicle/2171805  she shared about the two other families from our area who are also in the contest.  I've not looked on the contest pages to see other families as I never want to feel I'm competing against someone else because I think if they are in the contest, they have a big need also.  NO ONE plans on getting a debilitating illness, or having an accident or having a child born with a special need.......NO ONE can be prepared for all the hardships that come along with that problem.  Just reading about the other two families in our area, is hard for me as we all need a handicapped accessible vehicle.   No one's need is greater than another's and most folks can't afford such a vehicle on their own.  We looked at some, brand new around $60,000....used with over 100,000 miles on it about $30,000!  I've never spent $30,000 for a brand new vehicle, much less one with so many miles on it!  I'm leery of buying a used one since there are so many parts that can go wrong AND you do not want to be stuck on the side of a road with an old broke down van and a handicapped child (or in my case CHILDREN!)  .  I'm certainly not an ungrateful person LOL  one of our van has over 130,000 miles on it and is 14 years old BUT we don't drive that car out of town!!!  Our new van is much nicer and we looked into refurbishing it into an handicapped accessible van BUT we would lose too many seats and there are 7 of us, 8 if you include the nurse.....so that wouldn't work out since we have so many people and we need one car we can get everyone out of town in in case of an emergency (like a hurricane -we live in Florida- and would have to evacuate Selah since we live out in the country)   or like today with 3 kids and 3 adults going 1.5 hours away to a doctor's appointment. Plus it was very expensive to do that.    Anyhow....the way I look at it, God provides for us, whether it is through a contest or through the ability to make money needed for what Selah needs or through a gift...whatever way it comes, when we absolutely NEED it, it will be there.....
So thank you all so much for voting and it warms my heart that people take the time to do it.  It was so sweet of Denise who nominated us and did all the leg work for me also.  So just that kind of support is absolutely amazing whether we win one of the vans or not!   I want to keep my heart in the right place and not worry about this!  But I do appreciate your votes:)
BTW, Miss Selah is doing really good.  She is adjusting well to being off the meds, I was worried but I think she is going to make it without them.  I am just over the moon happy with the new GI we saw today.  We now have a great GI doctor, neurologist and pulmologist and the BEST pediatrician anywhere to be found:)  They are all team players and committed to keeping Selah healthy, along with our full time nurses.  The doctors are accessible and able to think outside the box!  I am thrilled and it makes our lives so much easier to have such great doctors/nurses in our lives!!!!!  It took us awhile to get to the right ones, but what a blessing that we have been able to find them.  Those 3 areas, GI, neuro and pul are the three areas, that we focus on with Selah, being all on board together is fantastic!  I'm feeling very blessed tonight and believing this will be the key that will keep Selah healthy and out of the hospital (11 months without going in)
Also got lots of answers on Sam and Sarah and new info.  I'll go into all that tomorrow cause I truly need to crash now!!! 
Thank you all for your encouragement!!!!!!!!