Saturday, March 22, 2014

You are invited....

Ok I'm trying to get this posted earlier in the day:)  Sometimes it is just too hard!

"bridged mechanisms" is the answer for the extra vote!  We are at 2686!   You can vote DAILY!


Today we are working on getting things together for tomorrow!  Our church is hosting CMA Christian Motorcyclist Association.  We have a few members who are a big part of CMA.  They are able to reach people that most of us wouldn't ever know.  It's exciting to see how God uses people, where their hearts are at-like in this case, motorcycles- to reach others and show them love. 

We are expecting a houseful!  I just ordered a huge FRIED CHICKEN order from Publix.  Fried Chicken is my total happy food if you know me:)  It's something we had at our house every day of my life growing up!  So we have it ordered for tomorrow and the tables are set up, and the church is being cleaned. 

Let me regress for a moment....being a pastor's wife is not the most fun thing to do at times.  But this past year has been the most rewarding for me.  We struggled here for so long and then all of a sudden, in spite of our personal tragedy and imperfections, God started doing something we couldn't explain.  To be honest, we have just sat back and watched....our church has grown by people moving to this area and becoming a part.  No one family knew another one, they just began coming and people were free to find their niche in the church.  It's been incredible.....  What I love the most is we are not a 'traditional" church in the sense of people's ministries....  Many of the folks who attend our church do ministry in unorthodox areas/ways.  But we don't try to be "cool" ( I can't stand cool LOL)
We are so Uncool....that we are cool LOL.   We all tend to be drawn to the "outcasts" of society, the ones others don't want to bother with; like the bikers, orphans, prisoners, special needs children/adults, the elderly, the Spanish speaking community, the homeless.....I LOVE it!   That's where our hearts are at, reaching the ones the world, even the church world, wants to forget.  I don't say that to say we are all so spiritual but I say it to explain that is our heart.  We are different, we will never be the "cool cutting edge church" (Not with my kiddos there turning in circles to the music) but I think God likes to be here:)

If you live in the central Florida area, come join us our website is:  there are some of Jon's sermons on there too.  You can find directions and a map to Grace Church. 


  1. Your description of your congregation reminds me of my favorite Children's Christmas movie...the misfits and all of their wonderful glory! Makes me smile just thinking about it!

  2. One of our nurses calls our life & home "Misfit Island" in a very loving way. He says everyone is accepted and loved here, the deaf dog, the crazy cats, the crazy Monk/nurse..... it's sweet:)

  3. Today's extra vote answer is false. :-)