Saturday, April 19, 2014


Growing up, I have many good memories of Easter.  It was an exciting day, the egg hunts, the new clothes and shoes, the church filled, beautiful weather...  Of course it wasn't  Christmas with the presents, Christmas plays and a couple of weeks off from school.   As a child, Christmas was my favorite holiday.  But now as an adult, I realize why Easter is the most important holiday.

Anyone can celebrate someone's birth, but who else is there that we can celebrate his resurrection from the dead?  I'm sure that all the other religions have a day when they say their leader was born, and they also have a day that leader died.  There are no other empty tombs. 

Recently the truth of Easter has just rolled over my soul.  The truth of Easter gives hope for now and for us eternally.  The debt of sin is gone, forgiveness can be found and an eternal life can be our reward.

I don't understand all the deep truths about the Cross, why did Jesus have to die.....couldn't there be another way?  But that was the way God had planned from the beginning of time, to bring salvation to all.  I can't comprehend it all but I believe it.  Jesus came and died for my sins, for your sin and for the sin of the world. 

Have a blessed day
Christ has risen!

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  1. He has risen indeed! And it is only in the face of great loss that I realize how much my soul needs to hold onto the anchor of the hope Jesus brought, the light shining in great darkness. Oh so thankful for the cross but moreso for the empty tomb. Looking forward to some other special tombs being empty one day too...