Monday, April 7, 2014

Gardens & Chickens
the answer today is: the top one!

 Don't forget about Sonya!!!!!!!!   to give on her site or through the church at
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Today we had fun helping some friends put in some square foot gardens.   I LOVE gardening and Square Foot Gardens are so easy to make and maintain.  It's just pure joy to me.  Sometimes I think I've quite lost my mind, but I'm so happy doing my garden and helping others do their garden.  We found the perfect spot on their property and got them put together

We had some friends to help out.  The Guinea hens were really the funniest chickens/fowl that I have ever seen.  I should have taken their picture.  They seemed to discuss us like a bunch of old church ladies would talk about someone LOL

Steve and I hopped in the pool for a bit afterwards and that cooled us down!  I'm a Floridian & I don't like water colder than about 98 degrees LOL!  It was quite a bit cooler than that!   Shad rode horses for a little while.  The boy is really loving horses.  What will I do??

We are supposed to be getting some rain tonight and tomorrow, yeah for rain on the gardens.  Nothing like getting some plants in and then having the rains come to just make them grow like crazy!   I just heard a little rain and now my computer is messing up so I know it must be cloudy!

Hope you all are having a great day!  Thanks for all the prayers!

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