Saturday, April 26, 2014

God in the Good AND Bad times

So I'm at the library, obviously they have much better Wi-Fi than we have satellite and I hoped it would enable me to be able to load all our pictures and clean up my blog some:)  It did!  WOOHOO!

So now let me blog about somthings that have been on my mind......

As you can imagine I get a lot of blogs and Facebook pages sent my way.  So many people caught in life altering situations.  Some have cancer, a disability, disease, accidents etc....they all are sad.  I feel bad for anyone who is facing anything like that or who has a love one who is.

But I see things, I can't help but see things.  There are people who have no regard for God at all until they face a tragedy.  Then they are crying out to Him for help.  They may not change their lifestyle or ask him to be the Savior of their life, but they want help from Him right then!  God can use circumstances in a person's life to remind them of their need for Him (I'm NOT saying God puts things on people but life happens......)  

We get calls all the time, the church line rings in our home.  It's always someone asking if we (the church) pays for electric bills, water bills etc....  I always tell people that we do help out members of our congregation and that they should ask their church for help.  Some say that they don't go to church, some get angry....  NONE have every said they've asked their church and been told no.  Why?  Because there are people who want things from God ( or God's people) but they don't want to have to give anything, they don't want to give their lives to God, they don't' want to participate within a body of believers,  they want to take but not to give anything.

Ok by now you've decided I'm a hard hearted women, I've been called worse.....   You are wondering about my Christianity.

The bible teaches us throughout the Old and New Testament to take care of the poor and needy, the REAL poor and needy.  It also tells us if a man won't work, he should not eat.  It talks against laziness all throughout scripture.  Yes, anyone could have a tragedy and need help, I'm all for raising money for a situation like that.  I LOVE to give towards good and worthy things. 

It seems so much like people want to seek God's hand, what He will give them rather than to seek His face. 

I don't want to be like that.  I want to follow God no matter what comes my way.  I want to serve Him in the GOOD times, then I know He'll be there in the Bad times.  I'm not perfect for anyone who thinks I think that!  But I knew who God was BEFORE tragedies  hit my life, it makes life much easier!  I'm not saying God won't hear someone during their hard times if they aren't serving God before that time, but it is so much easier to walk through life, with God. 

Let me encourage you to draw close to God today, don't put it off until a tragedy strikes or a need arises. 


  1. Amen to that, sister! Living in an urban area, I see beggars and panhandlers *ALL* the time and have been approached by them on occasion. And while it breaks my heart to see people in dire situations, at the same time, I've learned a thing or two or five about the kind of help these people are looking for...and it's always something to see them through to the next minute or hour and sometimes day--never to make life changes or to seek God's face rather than His hand. When long-term help is offered, it is almost always rejected in lieu of the next cigarette or beer or joint... Sometimes the requests are rather comical when common sense is applied to them: you mean to tell me that the 75 cents you are asking me for is enough for you to get a bus to ride to the next major city north of here to take care of your great-aunt Matilda...2 hours away??? Riiight!! Even the short term help that is offered--a sandwich or bottle of water--is thrown away shortly after it's been given, as I've witnessed many times. And that's all from a layman's point of view. I've heard the requests made in our church office, and have helped distribute food from our church pantry, and sometimes you just can't make that kind of stuff up! Blessings to you as you find God's way in your own life and in the life of your community!

  2. The Bible also teaches Christians not to judge, and it doesn't emphasise the word "real" when it comes to the poor and needy. But I totally get what you mean, especially when you/your church have limited resources! As a former Christian-now-atheist-Jew, I still try to live by the principles of tikkun olam and tzedekah, but sometimes it's hard to see someone asking for help while refusing to do anything for themselves. The idea is, however, that each of us will be judged/remembered based on our own lives, and not helping someone in need once is much worse than helping ten people who were not truly in need. Of course, based on reasources we all have to make a priority list.

    As for expecting G-d to help, through being abadoned by my sdoptive parents, through cancer, unemployment, etc. I never expected G-d to help me. Even when I believed in G-d, I thought that the deity was more than a wish granting machine. Now that I don't, why would I ask an imaginary friend for help? I do blame the prosperity gospel, though, for a lot of the misconceptions about G-d being responsible for setting all our messes right.

    1. Actually in both the OT and NT the bible does set guidelines for giving. Throughout Proverbs people are urged not to be lazy and to avoid strong drink. In Deut there is some guidance too. In the NT there is absolutely clear scripture that says "if a man doesn't work, he shall not eat" talking about within their community living. It talks about taking care of the orphans and the widows- who are widows indeed meaning they have NO one to look after them but the church.

      I think you are right about the prosperity gospel giving so many the misconception that God is a wish granting machine. As a child, I do not remember that type of preaching or belief and that was before the PG became so popular

      I do believe God will move on His people's behalf, even in finances We didn't have the money either time for our adoptions. And God worked miracles for us, really for the kids. I think that is a lot different than praying for a new car or house! I guess I feel that every good gift comes from God so all the years I worked, I felt the jobs came from God's hand. The same way I also am thankful for my husband's job in the prison, a great job, doing what he loves and while it may not pay the best, it has wonderful benefits like our insurance that enables us to take care of the kids like they need medically.