Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let's help Sonya!!!!!!!

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I have something exciting to share with you guys.  A friend of mine shared about a little girl in Ukraine who needs a surgery.  This friend Carissa, knows the family of the little girl personally.  The family also goes to the church  of a well known (in the adoption world) pastor.  The story is true and we can help.

I'm still getting donations for the two children Timothy  (China) and Angela (Ukraine) and that money is set aside for them.  However we have had issues with Timothy's paperwork.  He may age out before things can be straightened out.  Angela, is posted on a few adoption groups, and if anyone steps forward a grant will be given to them.  It will be divided between them equally unless one is unable to be adopted (due to age or other issues)  There is more than $1000 set aside for them at this point. 

BUT for the month of April, I'd like to focus on this little girl.   Her name is Sonya and she is NOT an orphan.  Her Christian parents chose to keep her and raise her even tho that is not very acceptable in their country. 

My friend Carissa wrote "This beautiful young lady, Sonya, is the daughter of a sweet friend of mine in Ukraine. She has CP and needs a surgery to fix her dislocated hip. ( She needs the same surgery I had when I was 16!! ) The cost is $50,00...0. If they can raise 50% the hospital will consider helping them with the cost. They are at $10,800. They need $14,200 to be at their halfway mark.

This incredible family took a leap of FAITH and did what most parents in Ukraine do not do when they have a child with special needs, they kept their beloved daughter. Let's help them with the cost to help her be rid of the agonizing pain. We all know how hard it is to watch your own child suffer. Please donate!

Read and donate at the link above.
You can let them know you found out about their story on this blog in the remarks.  I like to keep up with how much we give yearly!
Or you can give through our church by sending a check ( I have a few people who give monthly by checks and I will post it to their site at the end of the month.)
Grace Church
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On the site in is in Euros so go here to convert Euros to dollars.  I did that and paypal also did it at the end for me.
I'm going to challenge you to give!  When I read their story, my heart was moved for this family.  I know how we have had to fight for the various things our little ones have needed.  And I know how it is to have to travel to get medical help for a child.  PLEASE let's just bless this family and help them reach their goal! 
Here is the story from her parents
Message from Sonya’s parents:

When Sonya was to be born, doctors gave us little chance – my placenta detached on my way to maternity house, in 5 minutes after my examination the surgery room was filled with medical personnel – I barely had time to say ‘God be with us!’ before anesthesia kicked in and these words echoed through the room as the doctors passed them along. Sonya and I have survived, despite all the odds.

When Sonya at the age of 3 months got sick with meningitis, the doctors, our friends and acquaintances gave us little chance (except, maybe, for the Head of ICU where Sonya was stationed) and when 30 days later Sonya had rallied from coma, her neurologist told us, “You have no choice but to fight along with her, because your daughter has such a strong will to live.”

Now Sonya is 10 years old – she has a very painful hip dislocation, and.. yes, they give us little chance. “Let it be, don’t subject her to extra sufferings, she will never walk anyway, with her spastic quadriplegia, the pain will return, think of yourselves – you’re not getting younger..”  But how can we think of ourselves and come to terms with her constant pain, how can we ignore Sonya’s desire to move? How can we ignore God’s plan in her life – and we do believe that God has a plan for every soul, no matter how badly the soul’s outer shell may be damaged. How can we explain that side by side with dry facts and medical statistical data there exists another plane, or dimension, which operates with quite different units of measurement, and Sonya has been the living proof of this throughout her life?

About Sonya’s present condition: before her hip had dislocated, she was able to roll over, sit for some time unassisted, stood on her knees with support, and made attempts at crawling.  Now she prefers to stay still since every single movement causes her pain.  The only option proposed to us in Poland and Ukraine was femoral head resection (amputation).  For us, it was too extreme, and we kept searching – on 14 February we had an examination in Heidelberg Orthopedic Clinic, Germany, and we were strongly recommended an angulation osteotomy – according to the surgeons, this procedure will enable Sonya to sit, crawl (if she learns how to do it), and stand in a special device.  The femoral head resection would just leave her leg floppy and her pain would return in a matter of weeks.  While our savings were enough to cover the cost of surgery in Ukraine, in present situation they’ll be only sufficient to cover the cost of transportation, lodging, and daily living expenses.  Cost of the surgery (angulation osteotomy and surgical treatment of knee flexion contractures), including 5-6 weeks of in-patient treatment, is 48.5K Euros. 

Due to the urgency of the situation (because of her high hip dislocation, Sonya has severe pelvic obliquity and pronounced lumbar scoliosis which progresses quickly (Cobb angle of 42.6°- at spine deformation of 50°and higher scoliosis can be corrected only with surgery)), we have set up the fund-raising page on this site and, in parallel, are applying to charity foundations.  If we’re able to find a charity foundation which would agree to cover the surgery cost in part or in full, we will use the funds collected here for 3-4 weeks of intensive physical rehabilitation highly
recommended by the clinic after Sonya’s discharge from the hospital and for the brace manufacture and wheelchair adjustments (due to the severity of her scoliosis, she needs to have Chêneau brace made, preferably before the surgery, followed by regular check-ups).  We will stop the meter the moment we have the required amount.  Every single penny (eurocent) will go to Sonya’s medical needs, not for our daily expenses, and will be accounted for.  Foreign currency will be converted to euros automatically. Help Sonya move!
The surgery is scheduled for 22 May - if we’re able to collect the required amount prior to this date, it will happen, otherwise, we’ll have to postpone it and we’ll be put back on the waiting list. Since cost of Chêneau brace manufacture in Heidelberg clinic would be ~3-3.5k Euros, we went back to Poland and are now trying to locate a good orthopedic surgeon in Poznan who would prescribe the brace for Sonya and have it made here (there is a certified plant in Poznan that manufactures Chêneau braces).  We’ll have brace fittings/adjustments/check-ups in Poland while waiting for the surgery.

Please join with me to help this precious family and this little girl.  Every penny counts!



  1. Beautiful little girl! It breaks my heart that special needs children are often given up by their parents in the Ukraine.

  2. Your math is faulty. The cost is 50,000 EUROS, about $68,000.

    1. hey how much are YOU going to give?